15 Credibility Street #27: It’s not right, it’s surrealism

Jumping right into news of the same dumb TV schtick being sold to audiences, what paranormal beliefs are popular with American’s today, two former rock stars now exist at the fringes, and DNA test failed a psychic who thought she was the offspring of a famous painter. Caution: Some people might find the sounds a bit annoying… maybe brain damaging.

A new show had a cool premise they failed to deliver. Why are mystery-themed shows so dumb? Check out Strange Evidence on Science Channel if you like that sort of stuff.

The Chapman University survey of belief shows an astounding level of belief in Atlantis and lost civilizations.

Tom DeLonge’s To The Stars venture

  • Bad UFOs: At long last…
  • The To The Stars website
  • Loudwire
  • The Offering Circular is total hype and highly suspicious. GIANT red flag — With regards to “Engineering the space-time metric” they say: “This technology is in the very early stages, and success depends on a yet to be defined breakthrough in propulsion to enable traveling to the stars at near light speed.”
  • DeLonge is guaranteed $100K a year: “We are required to pay a minimum royalty guarantee of $100,000 each calendar year.”
  • And, note they are already in the hole with a loan: “Approximately $600,000 to repay a loan from Our Two Dogs, Inc.”
  • This, folks, is geared to the gullible; you would be foolish to “invest”.
    The current status remains just under a half million and seems to have stalled there. It appears from the documents that at least 15 million would be needed for the project to get off square one.
  • The venture is not going over well with the core fan base (Blink-182 and UFO believers). See the negative comments flowing like floodwaters from ATS and Reddit.
  • Here is DeLonge singing the chorus of a Blink-182 hit about how kids are affected by divorce.

William Patrick Corgan (Billy) sees nonhuman transformation. 

  • From Diffuser, you can hear a clip from the Howard Stern show.
  • The Smashing Pumpkins song that made it to Guitar Hero.

Dali paternity claim is a fail

The weird sound supposed heard by diplomats to Cuba. The sound can be heard at the end of the podcast.

  2 comments for “15 Credibility Street #27: It’s not right, it’s surrealism

  1. Bob Jase
    November 18, 2017 at 12:32 PM

    Come to think of it, there are lots of advanced ancient civilizations like Atlantis because. like Atlantis, they are all fictional.

  2. zrcalo
    December 11, 2017 at 12:00 AM

    I think “advanced” is pretty subjective.
    for instance, we’ve recently discovered that neanderthals made arrowheads. which we didnt think they did before.
    for how old neanderthals are, I think thats pretty advanced.
    also a lot of the technology of the ancient egyptians are pretty advanced compared to what we once knew them as.

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