15 Credibility Street #26: Stand me up at the gates of Hell

We delve right into a discussion about the latest mass shooting in the U.S. – what we know and what we don’t know and why. Many people have an ideological basis for their points of view. And, sadly, they hold invalid and illogical views perhaps until they are faced with the truth right in front of them (which is usually a bad scene).

There are ways to avoid making these crimes so prevalent or worse, but the media doesn’t want to do it. They often value FIRST over CORRECT.

When it comes to celebrity deaths, putting “first” before “correct” is an egregious mistake. This was a truly Heartbreaking one. Petty was an American original and an upstanding guy. I can’t even pick my favorite tune.

As we’ve been explaining for the past two episodes, scientists doubt this “sonic attack” on Cuban diplomats. But that narrative is not what’s in the news.

What’s not as fun as a barrel of monkeys – no monkeys at all.
Here is the picture we discussed of dancing monkey claims in Ohio.

Picture supposedly of monkey in Lebanon, Ohio. This is not good evidence at all.

Is the Windigo Fun fest Satanic? No. Is this kind of a silly idea? Probably.

Windigo is commonly spelled as “Wendigo” and means evil that devours. It’s a bit of a challenge to make that kind of monster lore cute and cuddly for the mass market. But what do I know?

Finally, check out this Skeptoid episode: Skepticism vs cynicism. Sharon thinks that paranormal understanding that could eventually affect change isn’t going to happen with a cynical response. But if you play the odds on whether these claims are “true”, then cynicism (or off-handed dismissal of such claims) is a fair bet. Your approach should be consistent with whatever your ultimate goal is regarding exchanges with believers who have opposing opinions as you do.

Let us know your thoughts.