15 Credibility Street #25: A spray a day keeps monsters away

In this jam-packed episode, we run through updates on still active news stories, discuss some current cool and not so cool things from the last two weeks, and check out a hyped anomaly that probably wasn’t as described. Closing out the episode is a great conversation about what transpired at Cryptid Con 2017 – a convention featuring monsters, some of which people contend are real and out there, sometimes way, WAY out there.

We aren’t talking about the Voynich Manuscript, but feel free to check this out.

The investigation into alleged sonic weapon use against diplomats in Cuba is producing nothing but more confusion.

The UFO Rendezvous took place in Hulett, Wyoming. It seemed fun and fan-oriented, very New Agey. Tin-foil was featured heavily.

One verdict has come down in the Slenderman stabbing case in Wisconsin.

Same thing different day…

It’s the end of the world, again.

If you find a bizarre creature washed up on the beach, please use a scale item in the picture. Prepare for it to go viral on social media.

The much-hyped “Viking Warrior Woman” has some big problems. The researchers may have extended their conclusions beyond the data.

Strange sprays indeed! These novelty sprays kind of stink.

Anomaly Report: The widely reported “earthquake lights” were likely exploding electrical transformers and breaking wires.

Interview: Cryptid con observations featuring Sharon, Jeb Card and Blake Smith


  2 comments for “15 Credibility Street #25: A spray a day keeps monsters away

  1. Chris
    September 25, 2017 at 6:27 PM

    I hope we hear more conversations about Cryptid Con. Will they be posted on Monster Talk and Archyfantasy?

    Some local comedians had fun with the myths about Bigfoot (I know, you’ve had enough):

    It also includes the story about Patterson and his film.

  2. Graham
    September 27, 2017 at 5:39 AM

    The YouTube video of the interview has been removed.

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