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Villagers attacked and killed five women in rural Indian community


Accusations and subsequent deaths for those accused of witchcraft are not uncommon in rural areas of India. In this case, a Kanjia village was complicit in the organized attack that took the lives of five women. Five women have been killed in eastern India by villagers who believed they were witches, according to local officials. The…

Alleged witches burned to death in Tanzania

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Witch killing continue in Tanzania. Will the arrests do anything if the belief remains? Seven accused of witchcraft burned alive in Tanzania. Attackers in Tanzania burned alive seven people they accused of witchcraft, police said Friday, who have arrested 23 people for murder in the latest killings of suspected “witches”. “They were attacked and burnt…

He killed them because they were “witches”


There is a mystery of what prompted this brutal double murder. Man Admits Killing 2 Women With Hammer, Officials Say – NYTimes.com. A woman and her daughter were bludgeoned to death in their Queens home by the woman’s live-in boyfriend, who called 911 and confessed that he had “killed them because they are witches,” law…

Prostitutes in Zimbabwe arrested after witch hoax to drum up business


This article is just plain weird. I can’t say I follow it well but apparently people in Zimbabwe think witches really fly in baskets. Budiriro witch crash landing ‘a hoax’. TWO women paraded in court as suspected witches after being found dressed only in skin-tights outside a house in Harare’s Budiriro suburb may have been…

Witchcraft accusations – Still killing women over 300 years later

A crowd watches Helen Rumbali, a woman accused of witchcraft, being burned alive. Photo credit: Post Courier

What is the cause of increasingly visible problem of witchcraft accusations in PNG? Witch hunts in Papua New Guinea linked to jealousy – Yahoo! News. There is no clear explanation for the apparent uptick in killings in parts of the South Pacific nation, and even government officials seem at a loss to say why this…

For your safety, please fly your brooms below 150 meters


It seems like at least once a week we have these stories come out where you are just not sure what to make of them. A joke? A mistranslation? Or just a disconnect from reality? In Swaziland, they talk about witches flying on broomsticks. Broomstick-flying witches to be brought down in Swaziland – Times LIVE.…

Ghanaian women accused of witchcraft live in exile


BBC News – Ghana witch camps: Widows’ lives in exile. When misfortune hits a village, there is a tendency in some countries to suspect a “witch” of casting a spell. In Ghana, outspoken or eccentric women may also be accused of witchcraft – and forced to live out their days together in witch camps. The…

Nepal proposes to take witchcraft accusations seriously


Nepal to crack down on witchcraft accusations. For women in Nepal, being branded as a witch can be the ultimate nightmare — leading to beatings, hatred and even murder. Now the government is taking steps to discourage such allegations. Sunita Pudasaini never imagined she would ever again be accepted after being accused of practicing witchcraft…

Koboko Night planned in Nigeria: “That witch must die”

Churches promote witch hunting. Photo from Leo Igwe

I received an email from Leo Igwe, whom I met at The Amazing Meeting last week. He tells an incredible, almost unbelievable story of persecution of “witches” in Nigeria. He shares news of an extremely disturbing event coming up this week: On July 27, a local Pentecostal church is planning a ‘crusade’ at the Cultural Centre in…

Nothing to be afraid of: Owls are not evil


North Wales Bird Trust fights to save Caribbean owls – North Wales Weekly News. “Voodoo is still rife in the Dominican Republic and it is believed that owls are witches. Consequently if they are caught they are beaten to death,” explained Pam Broughton of the Llandudno based North Wales Bird Trust. “This is the first…

Awful cat-ur-walling was used as protection against spirits


Pendle witches pogrom haunts water workers after find of mummified cat Forlorn traces of England’s most notorious pogrom against witches appear to have been unearthed by water engineers engaged in humdrum improvements to a Pennine reservoir. A buried cottage with a sealed room and a mummified cat bricked up in a wall has been discovered…

A Nepalese family suffers from allegations of “black magic”


It’s not just Africa that has “witchcraft” crimes. This story highlights why worldwide attention is needed. Woman beaten up on charge of witchcraft A woman of Mahadeva-3 in Saptari district has been beaten by locals 13 times since past four years accusing her of practicing witchcraft, but the administration has not taken action against any…

Calling attention to witchcraft atrocities in Africa


A Conference On Witchcraft Branding, Spirit Possession And Safeguarding African Children Leo Igwe, a skeptical activist in Nigeria, reports on a conference he attended that frankly addressed the horrific problem of witchcraft accusations in Africa. I just returned from a two-day conference on Witchcraft Branding, Spirit Possession and Safeguarding African Children. The conference was organised…

Children sacrificed in Africa over witchcraft


Another harrowing article about witchcraft in Africa, with violent attacks against children and albinos, as a means to attain wealth and escape from the crippling poverty gripping this continent. Child Sacrifice for Wealth Of recent, the mainstream media has been awash with reports of a gruesome wave of pagan impunity sweeping across the East African…

Elderly ‘witches’ killed in Mozambique


BBC News – Mozambique ‘witches’ killed in Gaza province. A non-governmental organisation says at least 20 Mozambicans have been killed this year for alleged witchcraft. Such killings affect several African countries, where superstitious beliefs are rife because of poverty and illiteracy, correspondents say.

Celebration of witches in Salem is misguided


Halloween’s celebration of witches saddens local relative of Salem victims. “For me, witches aren’t a spooky subject,” said Esty. “Twenty people died and many more suffered because of a political situation that got way out of hand a long time ago. It leaves me with feelings of sadness.” In recent years, she has worked with…

Maid arrested for casting “spell” on family


Maid held for casting “spell” on family. Saudi Arabia’s religious police arrested an Indonesian housemaid for casting a magic spell on a local family and “turning its life upside down,” a newspaper in the Gulf Kingdom reported on Tuesday. The employer of the maid in the southern mountainous town of Bisha told members of the…

Killed over witchcraft in Zimbabwe


Over 20 elderly people killed over witchcraft claims | The Zimbabwean. Over 20 elderly people have been murdered this year in Mozambique as a result of their alleged involvement in witchcraft. According to Radio Mozambique, this was disclosed in Maputo on Monday by the Forum Terceira Idade (Third Age Forum), during a meeting with the…

Preventing racism with superficial changes in the classroom.


Dress witches in pink and avoid white paper to prevent racism in nuseries, expert says. Very strange article about being “politically correct” in the classroom. …witches have always dressed in black. But their traditional attire has now come in for criticism from equality experts who claim it could send a negative message to toddlers in…

800-year old remains reveal superstitions about witches


800-year-old remains of witch discovered in a graveyard in Tuscany, Italy. Strange and disturbing story about the what discoverers are calling “witches’ graves”. These are the 800 year old remains of what archaeologists believe was a witch from the Middle Ages after seven nails were found driven through her jaw bone.