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Detox days of wine and horses

red wine

Woo hoo – every story that contains the word “detox” is bound to be chock-full of nonsense. This is no exception. A red wine detox holiday in France | Travel | The Guardian. Margaretha is a doctor but decided several years ago to concentrate on health rather than sickness. She’s an expert in motivational hypnotherapy…

Biodynamic wine is a witches brew of magical thinking


B.C.’s Summerhill winery seeks biodynamic certification. Summerhill Pyramid Winery CEO Ezra Cipes admits there are elements of biodynamic farming that sound more like witchcraft than modern agriculture, but he insists you can taste the results in a superior glass of wine. In the biodynamic process, herbs such as camomile, nettles and dandelions may be stuffed…

Voodoo Vintners : new book about woo in winemaking


Katherine Cole on Voodoo Vintners – Wine – Books – Portland – Willamette Week. The founder of biodynamic agriculture, Rudolf Steiner, believed in fire spirits, ghosts and gnomes. Oregon winemakers following Steiner’s biodynamic practices often overlook the gnomes—they’re quite short, after all. The organizations at the front lines of American biodynamic agriculture—ground quartz buried in…