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Windsor hum returns: Complaints flood in


Windsor Hum back with a vengeance. After an “intense,” unsettling weekend, residents plagued by the mysterious hum are asking the federal government to take action. Robins lives near Dougall Avenue and Cabana Road and said this weekend he “could feel vibrations through the house.” Windsor Coun. Al Maghnieh said he was flooded with complaints Sunday…

Mystery hum identified in Green Bay as industrial fans


Case of mystery noises at Green Bay homes may be solved Five years after Green Bay residents began complaining about mysterious noises inside their home, a consultant says he has tracked the sounds to a refrigerated warehouse located a mile away. Consultant Richard James, a noise control engineer hired by the city, said he is…

Mystery sky noise reported in Costa Rica (Hoaxes abound)


“The Hum” Heard In Costa Rica | Ghost Theory. The strange sound heard over Costa Rica is somewhat of a global phenomenon. For the last few years (more so these last few months) there have been reports of a strange, and very loud, sound that appears to come from the sky. It’s been reported and…