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Complaints against Burzynski Clinic now at 5 individuals


The OTHER Burzynski Patient Group blog has discovered a new complaint against the cancer treatment clinic run by Stan Burzynski. 5th Member of Burzynski Staff Faces TMB Complaint On June 29th, 2015, the Texas Medical Board filed a complaint against the Burzynski Clinic’s physician assistant Anita Shrout. This brings the number of confirmed open Medical…

Texas Medical Board files detailed complaint against Burzynski


The screws continue to be tightened on “Houston Cancer Quack” Stanislaw Burzynski. Burzynski’s clinic has been the focus of very many serious allegations of violations from the state, FDA, and from diligent skeptics who know snake oil when they see it. Burzynski advocates a treatment, antineoplastons, which has not been demonstrated to work even after the…