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Crash cams could be used for cryptozoology

A Tasmanian tiger at Hobart Zoo in the 1930s.

Actually, this is a great idea. Thylacine hunter Mike Williams confident technology will provide evidence of living tiger TASMANIAN tiger hunter Mike Williams is confident evidence of a living thylacine will emerge sooner rather than later because of the growing popularity of crash cameras in cars. Mr Williams, who led an international team of naturalists…

New search for thylacine spearheaded by CFZ


Tassie Tiger not dead in the minds of some researchers. Fresh bid to find Tasmanian tiger – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). There is to be another bid to search for evidence that Tasmanian tigers are alive and well. Representatives from the UK-based Centre for Fortean Zoology will join local searchers venturing into the wilderness…

New book on Tasmanian tiger sightings in the 1990’s

tasmanian tiger

The thylacine, aka Tasmanian tiger, is believed to have gone extinct in 1936. However, there are people who believe they are still out there, among them Col Bailey. ‘Bushie’ reveals tiger sighting in Tassie wilderness. In his new book Shadow of the Thylacine – One Man’s Epic Search for the Tasmanian Tiger, he documents this…

Thylacine extinction: We have only ourselves to blame


A new study suggests a model where people were a sufficient factor in the demise of the Tasmanian Tiger. Humans killed off the thylacine: study Humans alone were responsible for the demise of Australia’s extinct native predator, the Tasmanian Tiger, or thylacine, a new study has found. Led by the University of Adelaide, the study…

Hope for extinct species still living: But don’t get too excited

Thylacine/Tasmanian Tiger. Extinct.

There may be many more “extinct” mammals waiting to be rediscovered than conservation biologists previously thought. A Third of ‘Extinct’ Mammals May Still Be Alive. In order to determine how often extinct species had been rediscovered, University of Queensland scientists Diana Fisher and Simon Blomberg created a dataset of 187 mammal species that have been…

Thylacine video hoax making the rounds


Video from Tasmania national park apparently shows live thylacine BREAKING NEWS: Tasmanian Tiger Filmed In Central Tasmania 2012 Uploaded by IMLYINGISWEAR on Feb 22, 2012 The shots of the national park were done by me with a fujifilm s2000.

Wishful thinking aside, odds are, the thylacine is really gone


Thylacine passes extinction test People should stop wasting time and money looking for the Tasmanian tiger, according to new Australian research. Dr Diana Fisher and Dr Simon Blomberg from the University of Queensland’s school of biological sciences report their findings in a recent issue of Conservation Biology. Since the last wild thylacine was captured in…

Not the answer they were looking for: No thylacine to be seen


Suspected tassie tiger skull was a dog’s – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). Brothers Levi and Jarom Triffitt said they found the skull by the side of a creek while riding in bushland around the Great Western Tiers in northern Tasmania on Friday. But scientists who examined it at Launceston’s Queen Victoria Museum this morning…