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Joe Rogan meets Todd Disotell about Bigfoot (UPDATE: My review)


Originally published on July 17, 2013 See update below. I have to say… this is an interesting piece. I wish I could have been in this conversation. Investigating Big Foot With Joe Rogan — Vulture. Rogan, a former martial artist and current Ultimate Fighting Championship color guy, is a compact, muscular, hairless-pated hominid deeply attuned…

Syfy renews “Ghost Mine” and adds three new paranormal shows


SyFy network continues to add to their lineup with some new paranormal shows and one returning for a second season. Paranormal Pop Culture: UPDATED with Chris Fleming quote: Syfy renews ‘Ghost Mine,’ greenlights new paranormal reality series. Announced today, the network has renewed Ghost Mine — the paranormal series set in a supposedly haunted gold…

When pigs fly: Pigasus awards bestowed on the deserved

James Randi and Pigasus

The honors were given yesterday, April Fools’ Day. JREF’s Pigasus Awards “Honors” Dubious Peddlers of “Woo”. Since 1997, the JREF’s annual Pigasus Awards have been bestowed on the most deserving charlatans, swindlers, psychics, pseudo-scientists, and faith healers—and on their credulous promoters, too. The awards are named for both the mythical flying horse Pegasus of Greek…

Stranded: Ho hum. Another ghost show.


Same ole same ole… Didn’t MTV do this with “Fear” long ago? Syfy Will Premiere “Stranded,” Terrifying New Paranormal and Psychological Experiment – From the Producer of “Paranormal Activity” | TheFutonCritic.com. If you thought Paranormal Activity was scary – get ready for Stranded. The new Syfy reality series, premiering Wednesday, February 27 at 9PM (ET/PT),…

‘Ghost Hunters’ returns with same old schtick, minus one founder


‘Ghost Hunters’ back with new episodes, new attitude | 9news.com. The SyFy series often described as the Daddy of all paranormal series returns this week. And this new season is going to be very different. ‘Ghost Hunters’ investigator Grant Wilson has left the Syfy series. That leaves Jason Hawes to lead the team’s ghost hunting.…

Haunted Highway to debut with Bear Lake Beast episode


A new paranormal show debuts for the summer travel season on SyFy Haunted Highway: Season premier Syfy‘s newest paranormal reality series, Haunted Highway (formerly known as Paranormal Highway) will premiere Tuesday, July 3 at 10 PM. The hour-long series follows two teams, Jack Osbourne & Dana Workman and Jael de Pardo & Devin Marble, as…

Syfy to premiere haunted college show ‘School Spirits’


School Spirits Premiere. Premieres Wednesday, June 20 at 10 PM School Spirits travels to schools and universities all across the country to recount the true ghost stories experienced on these academic campuses. The stories will be told in first person narratives through the testimonials of real students, teachers, parents and staff that have encountered the…

Because we obviously don’t have ENOUGH bad Bigfoot on TV


Bonaduce, Williams to star in ‘Bigfoot’ – UPI.com Danny Bonaduce, Barry Williams, Howard Hesseman and Sherilyn Fenn are to star in the TV movie “Bigfoot,” U.S. cable network Syfy said Thursday. Bruce Davison will direct and also appear in the movie, alongside actor Andre Royo and rocker Alice Cooper. “When Bigfoot is discovered in South…

Paranormal Witness renewed; because we obviously need more ghost drama in our lives


Paranormal Witness Renewed for a Second Season Syfy has re-upped its frightening docudrama series Paranormal Witness for a second season. Production on the twelve-episode pick-up order has commenced and the series is currently scheduled to premiere in August 2012. Paranormal Witness ranked as one of the top 10 new original cable series in the fourth…

Ghost Hunters Live Halloween special gets big ratings


Ghost Hunters Halloween Live 2011 Ratings This year, Jason, Grant and team members from Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International and Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files went to Pennhurst Asylum in Pennsylvania, a former state mental institution. From 7 PM – 1 AM, Ghost Hunters Halloween Live grew compared to 2010′s event, averaging 1.4 million total…

Syfy bringing “School Spirits” to television


Syfy Orders Six Episodes of “School Spirits” |. Syfy orders six, one-hour episodes of the new unscripted series School Spirits from executive producers Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Apprentice) and Seth Jarrett (Celebrity Ghost Stories). The project will tell true ghost stories of hauntings that have happened at schools across the country. The stories will be…

Another season of Haunted Collector


Haunted Collector Renewed for Season Two |. Syfy has ordered a 12-episode second season of Haunted Collector. The series is expected to return during the second quarter of 2012. Documentary-reality series Haunted Collector explores how ghosts and spirits can inhabit more than just homes and buildings — they can also live in objects.