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Whatever happened to the trip to the Congo to look for Mokele-mbembe?

Mokele mbembe depiction

Whatever happened to those kids off to the Congo to look for living dinosaurs and giant spiders? Well, it crossed my mind today and I wondered why I hadn’t heard anything about Stephen McCullah’s successfully funded Kickstarter project. They were scheduled to leave in late June for Africa. If you recall, there was a bit…

Cryptozoology expedition to Congo is on Kickstarter (Updated: no scientists)


Kickstarter is a site designed to help people fund their projects. You can donate to things you feel are worthwhile. One young explorer is looking for $26,700 for an expedition to located undiscovered animals. Documentary Expedition to Congo- KILLER REWARDS! by Stephen McCullah — Kickstarter. Our first expedition will be dubbed The Newmac Expedition. It…