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Another Holy Grail, in Spain


Oh, really? Has one of the most prized Christian relics been discovered. Crowds flock to Spanish church after holy grail claim | World news | theguardian.com. Curators were forced to remove a precious cup from display in a Spanish church when crowds swarmed there after historians claimed it was the holy grail, staff said. Visitors…

Catholic Church embraces the rise in “evil” and trains exorcists


We have previously noted the increasing “popularity” (although not sure that’s exactly the right word) in exorcism. For various reasons, some feel that this procedure is necessary and useful. It’s difficult to tell who truly believes they are possessed by ACTUAL demons and who is just playing at it for attention. In most cases, psychological…

Latest media darling octopus predicting the outcome of sports games


Here we go again, a “psychic” octopus chosing the winners of soccer/football matches: ‘Psychic’ octopus tips Barca to beat Real Messi the ‘psychic’ octopus predicted on Monday that Barcelona will beat Real Madrid during the first ‘Clasico’ of the season this weekend. The octopus, named after Barcelona’s Argentine forward Lionel Messi, forecast the win by…