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SlenderMan gets ejected from Sydney convention

Photo: Daniel Simeo

Is SlenderMan the current moral panic? A cosplayer, Daniel Simao, 17, shows up in costume as Slendy and freaks people out at a comic convention. A Seven-Foot Teenage Slender Man Was Kicked Out of Sydney Comic Con | VICE United States. “I chose the character cause he’s tall, I’m tall, it’s perfect for me,” says…

Another Slenderman-connected attack. Another girl. More parental reaction.


Another attack is connected to Slenderman, this time in Ohio. This one sounds less connected, more complicated, and like an overreaction to a scapegoat cause. We can’t tell if it is a copycat case or the Mother seeing a post hoc connection. Hamilton Co. mom: Daughter’s knife attack influenced by Slender Man | Local News…

Slenderman myth connected to attempted murder (UPDATE: Cult? Censorship?)


This may be a first. Slenderman has gotten out of hand – attempted murder connected to the mythological monster. Two young girls are charged adults with first-degree attempted homicide of another girl. 12-Year-Old Wisconsin Girls Charged in Stabbing – ABC News. Prosecutors say two 12-year-old southeastern Wisconsin girls stabbed their 12-year-old friend nearly to death…