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Asaram Bapu, spiritual guru, charged with sex crime (UPDATE: In jail, no bail)


Another sexorcism? This one is described more as assault. Controversial Indian guru in custody over sexual assault charge on a minor. Asaram sexually assaulted her on pretext of exorcism, alleges victim : North, News – India Today. Police may Monday take spiritual guru Asaram Bapu to his ashram near Rajasthan’s Jodhpur city where a 16-year-old…

On the other hand… OTO is a thing?


Aleister Crowley was a key developer of OTO, Ordo Templi Orientis, a fraternal and religious organization. His “worship” involved sadomasochistic sex rituals, spells and hard drugs. One of those celebs intrigued by Crowley’s ideas was Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page. Now, the subject seems to be attracting other celebrities. Satanic sex cult sucking in celebs?. […]when…

Hornets nest ‘sex’ tale? Fake.


Internet stung by ‘hornets’ nest sex tale’ | Metro News. The web was abuzz today with the apparent news that a man in Sweden had died after trying to have sex with a nest of hornets. However, it now appears as though the story was too good to be true, albeit not for the unfortunate…