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Why do I keep wanting to spit whenever I have to say this Doctor’s name?


Burzynski blinds people of reason, uses his patients in more ways than one. This is heartbreaking, not heartwarming. Grandfather goes to Washington to try and save ill Hudson granddaughter | New Hampshire NH People. Fed up with unreturned calls to the FDA, Frank LaFountain drove himself to Washington, D.C., on Tuesday in a last-ditch attempt…

Hollywood out to convince you that Shakespeare was a fraud


Hollywood Dishonors the Bard – NYTimes.com. ROLAND EMMERICH’S film “Anonymous,” which opens next week, “presents a compelling portrait of Edward de Vere as the true author of Shakespeare’s plays.” That’s according to the lesson plans that Sony Pictures has been distributing to literature and history teachers in the hope of convincing students that Shakespeare was…