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What exactly does this question mean? The missing details in survey results about Bigfoot and Nessie.

Credit: Guy Edwards at Bigfootlunchclub.com

Two stories appeared last week in a blog by Douglas Todd in the Vancouver Sun. Both reference surveys done by Angus Reid regarding belief in creatures… One of five Canadians believe in Bigfoot (Sasquatch) | Vancouver Sun. One out of five Canadians believe the legendary Bigfoot stomps through the forests. Americans are even more inclined…

Vanity Fair asks the wrong questions; overreaches with results


The March 2012 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair Poll The results from a series of questions published in the March issue of Vanity Fair should prompt some pauses from any critical thinkers. The first question that caught my eye was this one: Which mythical creature do you think is most likely to actually exist? Results (total): Bigfoot…