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Scientology must be low on funds, they still haven’t hired decent photoshopper


Oh, Scientology, how gullible you must think we are. Sunday Funnies: Portland Cleared, On to the Rest of Earth! | The Underground Bunker. Yesterday’s events in Portland turned out to be a riot here at the blog as we followed the adventures of Mark “Wise Beard Man” Bunker. Bunker was there to witness David Miscavige…

Sometimes, the weird picture is REAL


I’ve long held that NO amount of photo evidence is going to be good enough to prove UFOs, Bigfoot, ghosts, and the like. Photos can be manipulated so easily and often are, just for fun and for purposeful hoaxing. But, sometimes the pictures ARE real. Here is a neat essay by Joe Schwarcz. Joe Schwarcz:…

Na na na na naaa! These nagas aren’t real.


ShukerNature: MODERN-DAY NAGAS…OR PHOTOSHOPPED FRAUDS?. According to Hindu and Buddhist mythology, nagas are ancient serpent deities that can take human or semi-human form, and in Buddhist mythology a naga can have several heads. They are most often represented as huge cobras with expanded hoods. Needless to say, however, no such thing as a multi-headed cobra…