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Bones missing from Puerto Rico cemetery


Who took them and where they went is a mystery which has family members very upset. Puerto Rico Town Mystified by Missing Remains – ABC News. The remains of at least 40 people are missing from a cemetery in the sleepy mountain town of Gurabo, where officials are trying to solve a mystery that has…

Body of 98-year old woman stolen from New Jersey mausoleum (UPDATED)


Cult activity is suspected but there are no leads. Cult activity suspected after body stolen from New Jersey mausoleum | Fox News. Pleasantville police say someone broke into a mausoleum at Greenwood Cemetery on Thursday night or Friday morning and stole the body of Pauline Spinelli. She died in 1996 at the age of 98.…

Grave robbers in modern day Miami


More graves found desecrated at cemetery Grave discoveries continued at a South Florida cemetery after more coffins were found desecrated. Miami-Dade Police were called to the scene of Lincoln Park Cemetery in Miami, Wednesday, after people visiting the cemetery discovered the bodies of deceased babies missing from their graves. The bones of adults were also…