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Templeton awards $5 Million grant for study of afterlife


The John Templeton Foundation grant to UC Riverside philosopher John Fischer will fund research on aspects of immortality, including near-death experiences and the impact of belief in an afterlife on human behavior UCR Today: $5 Million Grant Awarded by Private Foundation to Study Immortality. Anecdotal reports of glimpses of an afterlife abound, but there has…

Evidence of afterlife event in Florida – Go. Ask questions.


A self proclaimed “authority on death and the afterlife” is presenting on evidence for such in the Tampa area. Fisk presents evidence of afterlife : Out & About – Tampa Bay Newspapers. “Florida Ghosts and the Afterlife” is on tap when paranormal investigator Terry Fisk stops by the East Lake Community Library Thursday, July 19,…

More hype from the Out-of-Body Experience Research Center


Near-Death Experiences are Lucid Dreams, Experiment Finds – Yahoo! News. In a new exercise by a California organization that studies lucid dreaming, volunteers have been conditioned to dream near-death experiences, including the classic scenario of flying toward a light at the end of a tunnel. The researchers say their experiment demonstrates that these heavenly visions must be…