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Alien face in the Aurora

Photo credit: Iurie Belegurschi

Are we being watched? ‘Alien’ reaches out through Northern Lights – Yahoo! News UK. Using a complicated system unknown to us humans, aliens appear to have managed to beam their image onto the spectacular Northern Lights sky. The photographer was shocked on his return home to see the image of the green faced alien in…

Auroral sounds: They aren’t just in your head, they are 70 meters above


Sounds of Northern Lights Are Born Close to Ground For the first time, researchers at Aalto University in Finland have located where the sounds associated with the northern lights are created. The auroral sounds that have been described in folktales and by wilderness wanderers are formed about 70 meters above the ground level in the…

Did UFO sightings surge with aurora? Questionable.


UFO sightings off the charts worldwide in wake of massive solar storm The solar storm that hit the Earth with “fireworks” Tuesday, also spawned thousands of UFO sightings worldwide, state ufologists who monitor daily online UFO sighting reports. Locals here at this popular UFO sighting location at Bray’s Point — and down the Oregon coast…