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Be on the lookout for a poltergeist invasion


Watch for poltergeists (noisy ghosts) to be the next big thing. Once the media cranks up the interest in such things, we likely will see an increase in reports of people who are experiencing paranormal occurrences. Poltergeist reboot updates 1980s horror for 2015. How do you make a Poltergeist remake in 2015? The original is…

Media violence correlated to societal violence: An actual scientific controversy


Experts disagree: violent content in media correlates/does not correlate to violent behavior. No link found between movie, video game violence and societal violence. Since the 1920s, scholars and politicians have blamed violence in movies and other media as a contributing factor to rising violence in society. Recently the responses to mass shootings in Aurora, CO…

The Warrens: Sorting the truth from the Hollywood myth

ed hollywood

People with any passing interest in the paranormal will be aware of the names Ed and Lorraine Warren, their activities, and their “museum of the occult” which is located in the basement of their home in Connecticut. The Warrens are the focus of a lot of media attention currently, as a result of the film…

UFO, alien and space movies coming your way 2013-2014


Silver Screen Saucers: UFO movies galore: 2013 & 2014 preview. 2012 saw only a handful of UFO/alien-visitation-themed movies grace the big screen – though perhaps ‘grace’ is the wrong word to use in the same sentence as Peter Berg’s lunkheaded Battleship. Men in Black 3 was inoffensive but forgettable, The Watch was offensive and forgettable,…

Bigfoot is big in popular culture today – many things to many people

Watch out. Bigfoot (double) crossing.

LA Times has an interesting round up of Bigfoot in pop culture today: Bigfoot? He’s not so elusive “We all want to believe that there are still monsters lurking in the secret corners of the planet, and that’s the allure of Bigfoot,” said Marjorie Kaplan, president of Animal Planet, home to the hit series “Finding…

New movie on Montauk military installation promises otherworldly stories


Montauk Project: New Film Takes On Allegations Of Mind Control, Time Travel And Alien Encounters At Military Base Montauk, N.Y. … has been the center of an otherworldly conspiracy theory for decades. Believers say that people were kidnapped at a U.S. Air Force base and subjected to mind control and time travel experiments. And extraterrestrials…

The ‘Rebel’ curse or just unfortunate


Natalie Wood Death Mystery: Exploring the ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ Curse The mysterious death of Natalie Wood is one of Hollywood’s most alluring unsolved mysteries. Found in her nightgown in the ocean off the California coast in 1981, the case rocked the world and has remained an irksome puzzle ever since. The circumstances of her…

‘Paranormal…’ producers option Fate Magazine for stories


‘Paranormal Activity’ and ‘Paranormal State’ Producers Option Supernatural Mag (Exclusive) – The Hollywood Reporter. The red-hot producer of the Paranormal Activity film franchise and the team behind A&E’s unscripted series Paranormal State are about to become strange bedfellows. Jason Blum’s Blumhouse Productions and Picture Shack Entertainment’s George Plamondon and Betsy Schechter have optioned rights to Fate magazine, a long-running chronicler of the odd and unexplained, with…

Is that Monadnock Bigfoot bothering you?


Bigfoot takes free speech claim to high court: Film director denied access to park When Jonathan Doyle of Keene donned a Bigfoot costume and set out to videotape staged sightings of the fabled ape-like creature on Mount Monadnock two years ago, state park officials put the kibosh on his escapades, saying Doyle and his friends…

Paranormal Activity makes Christian parents concerned


Paranormal Has Parents Concerned, Christian News. Horror movies are commonly released in October, catering to moviegoers who want to psych themselves up for Halloween. But as the new wave of horror films in recent years has hit theaters, parents are wondering what happened to Casper the friendly ghost.

Evidence for real-life ‘Paranormal Activity’ is lacking


Here’s a change of pace from all the paranormal hype for the new movie “Paranormal Activity 3” by real-life paranormal investigator Ben Radford. Real-Life ‘Paranormal Activity:’ Are Ghosts Real? : Discovery News. The new horror film “Paranormal Activity 3” features another set of amateur ghost hunters trying to document evidence of paranormal activity through the…

Hollywood out to convince you that Shakespeare was a fraud


Hollywood Dishonors the Bard – NYTimes.com. ROLAND EMMERICH’S film “Anonymous,” which opens next week, “presents a compelling portrait of Edward de Vere as the true author of Shakespeare’s plays.” That’s according to the lesson plans that Sony Pictures has been distributing to literature and history teachers in the hope of convincing students that Shakespeare was…

Zemeckis planning movie about Charles Fort


Robert Zemeckis Plotting Spooky ‘Charles Fort’ at Universal (Exclusive) – Hollywood Reporter. Universal Pictures is plotting a spooky feature called Charles Fort with producer Robert Zemeckis and screenwriter Evan Spiliotopoulos. Fort, which is being described by some who know the material as a “period Ghostbusters,” is the first project set up under Zemeckis and his Imagemovers’ newly minted first-look deal with the studio.