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Lucrative psychic ring busted in Moscow


I do like these stories but there needs to be MANY more busts. Police Bust Moscow Psychic Ring | News | The Moscow Times. Police in Moscow have rounded up a gang of would-be psychics that earned around 200 million rubles ($6.3 million) by offering to solve people’s personal problems through magic, police said Wednesday.…

Russian police bust psychic scammers


The widespread psychic scam to remove “curses” is also working in Russia. Police take action to bust a group for fraud. Moscow Police Exorcise Psychic Group | Crime | RIA Novosti. Moscow police have once again entered the dark realms of the paranormal, busting a Russian “psychic” ring that has been lifting curses for money…

Russian psychic murderer suspected


What a weird story featuring a “wizard”. Bad karma: Moscow ‘wizard’ held over serial photo-model killings — RT News. Moscow police have detained a psychic, who they suspect killed three photo models. All the victims, young ladies also allegedly engaged in prostitution, knew about the man’s ‘paranormal powers’ and are said to have visited him…