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Closed-minded: the non-ability to accept results. Psychics fail test.


In a followup to this story, the results are in: A scientific experiment has found that two mediums were unable to demonstrate that they had special psychic powers. BBC News – Psychic pair fail scientific test. The test by researchers at Goldsmiths, University of London, tried to establish whether mediums could use psychic abilities to…

Once again, a challenge to U.K. psychics to show their stuff


Merseyside Skeptics are giving the UK’s top psychics, including Sally Morgan, the opportunity to demonstrate they can talk to the dead Calling all psychics: a chance to prove your powers in a scientific test. Although the chances that mediums really can contact the dead are probably infinitesimally remote, the persistence of belief in psychic powers…

Sally Morgan’s Halloween Challenge


Sally Morgan challenged to prove her psychic powers on Halloween. A celebrity psychic who claims to speak with the dead in sellout shows across the country has been challenged by sceptics to prove her supernatural powers. They have invited TV “star psychic” Sally Morgan to demonstrate her ability to connect with the spirit world in…