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Want to get off of school? Pretend to be possessed.


A case of possession in the Philippines or something more cerebral? School officials suspend classes over ‘evil spirits’ – Inquirer News. Classes were suspended Thursday at Isaac Lopez Integrated School in Mandaluyong City after around 20 students aged between 12 and 16 started acting strangely—screaming, crying, fainting and convulsing—prompting claims that they were possessed by evil spirits.…

Teacher, teacher, there’s a hairy creature!


A textbook case of mass hysteria/mass psychogenic illness. HAIRY CREATURE SIGHTING DISTURBS CLASSES | The Voice. Teachers at Mathiba Primary School in Maun had to abruptly end classes last week Friday after students reported seeing a hairy little creature. Regional Director for North West District in the Ministry of Education and Skills Development, Acro Maseko…

Mass illness episode in Jamaica caused by fumes or contagion?


This might be another case of mass hysteria. Chaos! – Mystery fumes cause panic in Kingston. THE island’s environmental management agency was last night still trying to determine the source of noxious fumes that resulted in more than 50 persons, some of whom collapsed, being rushed to hospital in Kingston. Several businesses in the area…

Three stories of mass psychogenic illness from around the world


Found a bunch of articles that share a theme… Is it something physical or sociological going on here? In this case from Zambia, one girl in a school prompted several other students to react. ‘Pupils’ fainting incidents spiritual’. The Lusaka District Education Board (DEBs) has confirmed receiving a report on bizarre fainting incidents at Northmead…

School mass was boring, so evil spirits come by to liven things up


Bad spirits ‘possess’ students in Valencia, Negros Oriental | Sun.Star. At least 10 students from San Pedro Academy in Valencia, Negros Oriental were reportedly possessed by bad spirits early this week. Mark Mapili, a student of San Pedro Academy, told Sun.Star that he witnessed when the students were possessed by evil spirits during a church’s…

A second study in Le Roy shows no toxins to explain mystery illness


New study finds no toxins in Le Roy. A second study has again found that the twitches, involuntary sounds and seizures that beset a group of Le Roy students and attracted international media attention earlier this year had no environmental cause. The study, released by the school district Wednesday, comes as no surprise to treating…

Grease Devil panic was mass hysteria


Last summer, panic over the Grease Devil sparked riots in Sri Lanka Similarly the “oily man” phenomena of Malaysia made people guarded and nervous. A new study by doctors who examined supposed victims of Grease Devils report that it really was mass hysteria, not a real creature. Grease yakas a big hoax conclude forensic experts…

Brockovich gets involved in the New York mystery illness case


Mystery illness: More girls develop Tourette’s-like tics Erin Brockovich is on the case! The environmental activist, made famous by the 2000 movie starring Julia Roberts as the crusading single mom, tells USA TODAY she is investigating the case of more than a dozen teens from one upstate New York school plagued by mysterious, Tourette’s-like symptoms.…

TheTwilight pregnancy scene – does it cause seizures or just gross you out?


Twilight ‘Breaking Dawn’ Scene Allegedly Causing Seizures …a scene in the latest installment has reportedly been causing viewers across the country to have seizures. Several instances of people saying they have developed seizures during the tense birthing scene in “Breaking Dawn: Part One” have been reported. The in-theater seizures, also known as photosensitive epilepsy, are…

Case of “mass hysteria” Illness likely culprit at Houston high school football game


Mystery Illness Hits 22 Students at Houston, Texas High School Football Game – ABC News. Authorities in Texas are investigating what sent nearly two dozen people at a high school football game to the hospital. At least 22 people complained of nausea, coughing and scratchy throats during a football game [...] in Houston Friday night.