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Daydreaming about winning the lottery. We’re all weak.


Why even skeptics are buying a Mega Millions ticket High school teacher Joe Colacioppo is bright enough to calculate the odds that his lone Mega Millions ticket today will turn him into a $540-million-dollar man. In fact, he took time to do the math: “There’s a greater chance of me winning the Nobel Peace Prize…

Traditional Chinese Med chief fails to realize what century this is

M. Silverberg/TRAFFIC Southeast Asia, Associated Press

In an astounding piece whereby my jaw hit the floor… I’m giving Mr. Wang an “Epic fail” designation Top TCM chief defends bear bile medicine. China’s top traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) chief defended medicines made from bear bile citing a lack of an effective substitute. Wang Guoqiang, vice-minister of health and director of the State…

Comprehensive study concludes raw milk products are unsafe in all cases

James Ravilious © Beaford Arts

In a followup to the raw milk controversy that was sparked by the latest outbreak of illness in Pennsylvania, here is the most comprehensive look at illnesses related to raw dairy products (milk and cheese). This report is available here (PDF) at the CDC web site. Although pasteurization eliminates pathogens and consumption of nonpasteurized dairy…