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Modeling Ripper Street


Using a model, criminologists have proposed a theory about where the infamous Jack the Ripper lived in Whitechapel. They say the technique works because most criminals operate close to their home or workplace but keep a “buffer zone” around it. ‘We know where Jack the Ripper lived’ By using the latest geographical profiling techniques based on the…

Cornwell has new book out about Sickert as Jack the Ripper


She reinforces her claim that the artist was the killer and a conspiracy was afoot. Jack the Ripper: Best-selling author Patricia Cornwell prepares to publish evidence of ‘Royal conspiracy’ – London – News – London Evening Standard. Best-selling crime author Patricia Cornwell believes she has uncovered new evidence about the identity of London’s most famous…

New idea for Jack the Ripper: Killer was a woman


Birmingham author claims Jack the Ripper was a WOMAN A Birmingham author has caused a storm among historians by claiming Jack the Ripper was a woman. Former solicitor John Morris, 62, has named Welsh-born Lizzie Williams as the Whitechapel monster – and claims she killed her victims because she could not have children. Lizzie was…