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Clean your PC and your wallet


How many of our neighbors, parents, friends complain that their computers are running slow or giving them strange error messages, etc. Those are the kind of people, those who know enough to be dangerous, who fall for this overly simplistic solution and get themselves into bigger trouble by installing crap software that promises to fix…

FTC wins over get-poor-quick “shortcuts to millions”


FTC Wins Judgment Against Makers Of 3 Get-Rich-Quick Infomercials [t]he Federal Trade Commission says a trio of popular get-rich-quick programs — all backed by the same two people — took consumers for a total of $450 million by misleading them into believing they could quickly earn piles of cash in real estate or Internet marketing.…

Don Lapre, King of Informercials, accused of scams, found dead


Self-Described “King Of Infomercials” Found Dead In Jail Cell According to CBS News, Lapre was only a few days away from standing trial for allegations that his his company, The Greatest Vitamin in the World, tricked at least 220,000 people with worthless Internet-based businesses mostly revolving around a pyramid scheme to sell vitamins that did…