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Dead HAARP system blamed for Balkans weather catastrophes

serbia floods

Spotted by Stuart Richie (@StuartJRitchie on Twitter), check out the propaganda at the end of this news article about the unprecedented flooding in Serbia. Russia’s EMERCOM responds first to assist Serbian flood victims HAARP to Blame for Anomalous Flooding??? Many of my contacts in Serbia have spoken of whispered accusations that the unprecedented flooding and…

HAARP terminated

haarp array

Conspiracy theorists’ favorite excuse is gone down the toilet. In an update to this story from last year about HAARP being closed, it’s not reopening. Air Force prepares to dismantle HAARP ahead of summer shutdown | State News | ADN.com. The U.S. Air Force gave official notice to Congress Wednesday that it intends to dismantle…

Well, can’t use HAARP as the ultimate excuse anymore. It’s closed.


The project to study the ionosphere was a favorite scapegoat for all things weird that occurred on earth. They will have to find a new bugaboo now. Lack of money has shuttered HAARP. Crazy weather? You can’t blame HAARP anymore | Earth | EarthSky. Conspiracy theorists concerned with intentional weather modification will have to find…

Obama blamed for tornadoes. Is he bigger than God now?


Oh yes, YOU KNEW this was coming. A conspiracy for the Moore, Oklahoma tornado. Why Did Obama Make Those Tornadoes? Ask the Tornado Truthers!. The Tornado Truthers know these shocking weather events have nothing to do with the weather extremes climate scientists have long predicted for a planet rapidly heating from our civilization’s burning of…

Sandy spun to suit any agenda

Who knew gays had such power over nature?

Hurricane Sandy Spawns Right-Wing Theodicy | Religion Dispatches. As Hurricane Sandy heads ashore on the east coast of the U.S., far right-wing religious zealots are already calling it a sign from God for everything from U.S. policy on Israel to, of course, the gays. The conspiratorial World Net Daily says Sandy is a sign that…

Obama: Accused of being a real life Storm from X-Men


Conspiracy Theorists Say Obama Engineered Hurricane Sandy. As Hurricane Sandy blasts the eastern seaboard just over a week before Election Day, a number of conspiracy theorists have decided President Barack Obama engineered the mega-storm to secure his re-election. HAARP, a research program managed by the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy, studies and conducts experiments…

Attributing tornadoes to HAARP


HAARP (High frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is a very popular excuse for everything from animal deaths to strange sky noises, controlling the weather to messing with garage door openers. Here, people blame the recent killer tornadoes on HAARP. 20 Tornado Truthers.

Russian harping over HAARP as cause of Phobos Grunt fail (More added)


Off the Beam: Did a U.S. Radar Research Station Disable Russia’s Phobos Probe? Soon after the ill-fated Phobos Grunt spacecraft stalled in Earth orbit, a former Russian official implicated “powerful American radars” in Alaska. Is there a basis to the claim, or is it just scapegoating? Russia has yet to chalk up a fully successful…