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Frog in salad: But it’s natural! It’s organic!


That means it’s all good, right? This is what happens when you don’t use pesticides. You get pests. But, perhaps the food preparation staff should be a bit more diligent. Woman Finds Frog In Pret A Manger Salad: Gothamist. There’s a new protein on offer at Pret A Manger but it’s only available as a…

Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and canned frog

frog and beans

Green beans are off the menu at this home. Gloria Chubb finds frog in can of green beans | ksdk.com. An Indiana woman bought a can of green beans on sale for 69 cents, and what she found inside will keep her and her family from ever eating canned green beans again. “We eat a…