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Can we create earthquakes? Just add water.


This is a fascinating piece that helps us better understand the effect humans (we mere humans) can have when we utilize the power of water in a particular way. It’s not a good outcome but it’s very interesting. Can we cause earthquakes? Yes, we certainly can. Wastewater injection spurred biggest earthquake yet, says study: 2011…

Photo alleging cancerous deer related to fracking is false


Snopes.com: Cancerous Deer. A friend “shared” this photo on Facebook. It was accompanied by the following text: Cancerous deer shot in Dimock PA. Lived near a stream where fracturing water had been said to be leaking. Is fracking really “safe” for us? EPA’s testing of water in Dimock found several carcinogenic and neurotoxic drilling chemicals…

First evidence that fracking causes earthquakes, but don’t get all shaken up


U.K. Quakes Likely Caused by Fracking One nagging question about the fracking process to extract natural gas and oil has been: Does this process cause microearthquakes in the area? This is actually a complicated explanation. Fluid injection and similar changes to hydrogeologic regimes have caused earthquakes. A new report links fracking specifically with earthquakes that…