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Human activity triggered OK quake which may have induced another quake

Map from http://stateimpact.npr.org/oklahoma/2013/11/04/mapped-oklahomas-earthquake-swarm/

As a geologist, I often get questions about fracking. In Oklahoma, many small earthquakes have plagued residents and kept them on edge wondering why the sudden surge in seismicity. One of the large quakes has been linked to wastewater fluid injection (not fracking) and this inadvertant release of stress may have stressed another area leading…

First evidence that fracking causes earthquakes, but don’t get all shaken up


U.K. Quakes Likely Caused by Fracking One nagging question about the fracking process to extract natural gas and oil has been: Does this process cause microearthquakes in the area? This is actually a complicated explanation. Fluid injection and similar changes to hydrogeologic regimes have caused earthquakes. A new report links fracking specifically with earthquakes that…