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Louisiana judge declares fortune telling free speech


Judge Overturns La. Town’s Fortunetelling Ban – US News and World Report. A federal judge has struck down a central Louisiana ordinance banning fortunetelling, palm reading, astrology and similar activities in the city of Alexandria. U.S. District Judge Dee Drell’s ruling Wednesday concurs with a magistrate’s conclusion that the ordinance is unconstitutional. The city argued…

Selma, CA allows fortune tellers but worries about religious issues. [Yes, main point is missed.]


Fortune tellers OK’d in Selma Selma has lifted its unconstitutional ban on fortune tellers. The city also is taking steps to regulate how fortune telling businesses operate. The Selma City Council accomplished both things at an emotion-packed meeting Monday night. A standing-room-only crowd listened as speakers voiced two different views of fortune telling. A majority…

Art of fortune telling dying out in India


From India–Futures bleak for fortune tellers “In some years the trade will die away because nobody is interested in learning the art of traditional fortune telling. Even we have not encouraged our children to learn the art,” he said. Ravindran belongs to Hindu Kaakala community, which has nurtured the tradition throughout the years. It involves…