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Bayou Corne sinkhole activity ramping up

Bayou corne sink

I’ve known a little bit about this giant “sinkhole” in Louisiana for some time. It’s been in the news since June of last year. But it’s not the kind of sinkhole I’m used to. It’s a collapse of a salt dome. Salt is extracted by injecting water into the salt body, dissolving it, and extracting…

Can you die while having your wisdom teeth removed?


Yes. But let’s take a closer look. Marek Lapinski Dies Getting His Wisdom Teeth Pulled Out. [t]he family of Marek Lapinski, 25, thought nothing of it when he went to have the procedure done. Instead, their young son, a tech company VP and former football player, died on March 21 during the procedure, KTLA reports.…

Fracking: It’s a bit more complicated than that, scientists say


Fracking is a controversial topic that has generated some heated emotions among skeptics. For example, when Brian Dunning aired a Skeptoid episode on the topic, he lost many subscribers because he did not come out and say it was an all around horrible thing. Big issues are typically more complicated than the black and white…