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Ragnarok approaches!

The children of Loki by Willy Pogany

Oh terrific, another APOCALYPSE. I have plans this weekend! Ragnarok Viking apocalypse due to occur over the weekend. In advance of the predicted Ragnarok Viking apocalypse over the weekend, “Norsemen” have started to arrive in York in anticipation of the bloody battle that is supposed to happen on Feb. 22 and end the world. Attendees…

Jeffs messes up again


Oops, another false prophet. Twice unlucky for Mormon cult leader – 3 News. The leader of a breakaway Mormon sect has incorrectly prophesied the end of the world for the second time in as many months. Warren Jeffs, head of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS), issued his latest edict last…

Happy unapocalypse!


…and I feel fine. I’m very glad to report that no supernatural or man-made disaster befell us today. You never know about those who take “prophecies” into their own hands. Actually, the REAL interpretation was that this was not doomsday but a spiritual rebirth. Sadly, I’m not feeling that. Maybe tomorrow. Or maybe there was…

Countdown: 5 days until the un-apocalypse


Oh, geez, 5 Days. Time to read those books you never got to and watch those classic movies… Survival pods. Yeah. Chinese Farmer Creates Apocalypse Survival Pods | Mayan Apocalypse Survival | LiveScience. There’s always zombies. CofC professor weighs in on the never-ending end of the world | Doomed | Charleston City Paper.

Countdown: 6 days until the un-apocalypse


December 21: nothing to worry about. It’s just another day: du du du du du… They have this cult in China. That doesn’t go over well. Doomsday Sect Clashes With Police. China perhaps misinterpreted the joke from Australia. China reacts to PM’s apocalypse message. Great page from NASA NASA – Beyond 2012: Why the World…

Countdown: 8 days until the un-apocalypse


It’s getting closer. Time to send best wishes to those distant relatives for the last time. Nonsense debunking nonsense. Does it cancel out or produce a null set? Santa Cruz psychic debunks Mayan doomsday predictions Another one of those “safe” places? Rumors of an alien-built pyramid in the mountain have apparently driven doomsday-fearers to seek…

Countdown: 9 days until the un-apocalypse


Only 9 days left including today. Better start eating the perishable food in the fridge. 😛 LiveScience has a countdown clock. Yep, the myth of the Mayan Apocalypse is all a big sham. But you knew that. ‘Mayan Apocalypse’ Started With A Bad 70s Mushroom Trip, Not Ancient Civilization. A Turkish village has become the…

Jeffs delivers prophecies from jail, scaring locals


Jeffs FLDS doomsday prophecy and business closures cause concern | Deseret News. There’s mystery, worry, and new indications of turmoil among followers of imprisoned polygamist leader Warren Jeffs. At least three of his followers’ most prominent businesses were suddenly closed in the Fundamentalist LDS Church’s twin towns of Colorado City, Ariz., and Hildale, Utah. The…

Cult mass suicide averted in Brazil

"Prophet" Luis dos Santos

Last week, police received information that a cult was preparing for a mass suicide by poisoning, including their children holed up inside a house near Teresina, Piaui, Brazil. The story unfolded… Fears of Mass Suicide in Brazil as Doomsday Cult Barricades Itself Awaiting the End of the World Today Brazilian police fear a mass suicide…

Duct tape: Keeps demons out. Do not use on children.


Parents Duct Tape “Demon Possessed” Children | FOX2now.com. Two parents who admittedly duct taped their children inside an SUV in a Walmart parking lot said they did so because they were “demon possessed.” During Tuesday’s court hearing, the judge dropped five felony counts of aggravated child endangerment against both parents. The couple still faces three…

Australian doomsday ministry in ruins


Agape doomsday cult’s financial empire dismantled, ordered to pay taxman $3 million. This morning, the District Court ordered the controversial group and its fugitive founder, Rocco Leo, settle their debts with the Australian Taxation Office. For two years, the ATO has pursued Agape, Leo and his confidante, Joe Veneziano, for amounts left unpaid since 2009.…