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$1 million (and more) if the ECAT really works


Dick Smith offers $1 million for proof of cold fusion technology | Australian Skeptics Australian Skeptics patron, Dick Smith, will give $1,000,000, with no strings attached, to an Italian inventor if he can prove his cold fusion invention works. “I do not want to know how the unit operates, nor to have a share in…

Skepticism about E-CAT device from an engineer


Mystery blue box sank ‘cold fusion’ for Dick Smith The engineer charged by entrepreneur Dick Smith with examining the plausibility of “cold fusion” technology being spruiked by a NSW retiree has detailed a string of reasons why he believes the mooted invention is flawed. Aerospace engineer Ian Bryce said sloppy procedures, shoddy set up and…

Skeptical challenge to Rossi’s E-cat


Oz skeptic offers prize if Rossi’s E-cat works • The Register. Australian entrepreneur, philanthropist, skeptic, aviator and eccentric Dick Smith has offered $AU200,000 for proof that the Andrea Rossi “energy catalyzer” actually works. The E-cat is purportedly a cold fusion device which – stop laughing, you down the back – attaches hydrogen atoms to nickel…