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Inaugural cryptozoology conference held – New society to be formed


Science writer and author, Matt Bille (Shadows of Existence and Rumors of Existence) attended the inaugural International Cryptozoology Museum Conference in St. Augustine, Florida last week and reported on the proceedings. You can read his entire review of the 3-day event here but I’ll highlight some of the news and views that came out of…

The Cryptozoologicon is here!

Image by John Conway, from the forthcoming Cryptozoologicon

Updated from a post announcing that it was on its way on Oct 13, 2013. It is now here! Another do not miss cryptozoology book. The Cryptozoologicon – by John Conway, C. M. Kosemen and Darren Naish – is published by Irregular Books. via Tales from the Cryptozoologicon: BUNYIP | Tetrapod Zoology, Scientific American Blog Network. Cryptozoologicon…

Another trip back to the origins of cryptids – Jersey Devil


The Jersey Devil, one of my favorite cryptids, is not an animal at all. It’s an idea, a myth, a ploy. Read on… The forgotten political feud that spawned the Jersey Devil: Opinion | NJ.com. Everyone knows the story of the Jersey Devil. In 1735, a witch named Mother Leeds gave birth to a hideous…

New cryptozoology book released. It’s a whopper!


A groundbreaking new book on the subject of cryptozoology has been released. Even if you are not a big crypto fan, I encourage you to check it out as an example of sound research and followup. If you are a cryptozoologist – it is a must-have. There is nothing else like it. Abominable Science! by…

News piece mischaracterizes cryptozoology and Native American stories

Thunderbird totum sculpture by artist Melissa Koch

I’m presenting this article as a particularly awful example of terrible journalism. It’s riddled with mistakes and false premises. Instead of linking directly to the article, I have webcited it so it will not give advertising revenue or hit counts to the site. Because that makes them produce more of it. Rez monsters: Bizarre creatures…

Bigfooters fallacy: Kill or no kill (Removed)


REMOVED Why was this post removed? We at Doubtful News have decided that Bigfoot news is currently too absurd to warrant discussion on our site. There is no solid evidence that Bigfoot exists. Yet, TV shows and cryptozoology personalities have assumed the reality of the creature instead of considering all reasonable options to explain eyewitness reports.…

The improbable life and science of cadborosaurus

Claimed "Cadborosaurus willsi" carcass from October, 1937

Paleozoologist Dr. Darren Naish exposes the bad science the created and sustains Cadborosaurus. Discussions with cryptozoologists is a frustrating business. The Cadborosaurus Wars Michael Woodley, Cameron McCormick and myself recently argued that an alleged ‘baby Cadborosaurus’ was very likely no baby sea-serpent at all [via Bousfield and LeBlond], but rather a mangled and half-remembered description…

Not the answer they were looking for: No thylacine to be seen


Suspected tassie tiger skull was a dog’s – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). Brothers Levi and Jarom Triffitt said they found the skull by the side of a creek while riding in bushland around the Great Western Tiers in northern Tasmania on Friday. But scientists who examined it at Launceston’s Queen Victoria Museum this morning…

Cryptomundo posts the Top Ten Cryptozoology Stories of 2011


Cryptomundo » Top Ten Cryptozoology Stories of 2011. Loren Coleman lists the top 10 stories in Cryptozoology on Cryptomundo. Included are: Beast Hunter Premieres on NatGeo, Finding Bigfoot Becomes TV Cable Phenom, DNA Dominates Bigfoot News, New Hominology Journal Announced, Pangboche Yeti Finger Found: DNA Tested

Echolocation event recorded in Lake Champlain


A paper in the pre-press stages presents evidence of an acoustic anomaly in Lake Champlain, home to the legendary “Champ” lake monster. Echolocation in a fresh water lake. | Browse – Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. In 2003, 2005 and 2009 sites on Lake Champlain were explored using computers with National Instruments Polynesia…