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Circumcision relation to autism FAR from convincing


Be wary of jumping to conclusions just because they contain buzzwords. Circumcision ‘can double boys’ risk of autism’ – The Scotsman. CIRCUMCISION before the age of five can double a boy’s risk of developing autism, controversial research suggests. Scientists believe the finding may be linked to stress caused by the pain of the procedure. The…

Media violence correlated to societal violence: An actual scientific controversy


Experts disagree: violent content in media correlates/does not correlate to violent behavior. No link found between movie, video game violence and societal violence. Since the 1920s, scholars and politicians have blamed violence in movies and other media as a contributing factor to rising violence in society. Recently the responses to mass shootings in Aurora, CO…

Saying that “Video games leads to difficulties in children” reaches beyond the data


More Gaming Leads To More Impulsivity, Attention Difficulties In Children. Impulsive children with attention problems tend to play more video games, while kids in general who spend lots of time video gaming may also develop impulsivity and attention difficulties, according to new research published by the American Psychological Association. “This is an important finding because…