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What was the Star of Bethlehem – natural, supernatural or fiction?


Supernova, comet, planet, angel, miracle, star? Or something else. Star of Bethlehem a literary creation, says Ohio State physics scholar | The Columbus Dispatch. In the newly published The Star of Bethlehem: A Skeptical View, the Ohio State University scholar says the star was most likely the literary creation of the author of the Gospel…

Kids captures a cell phone blur around the xmas tree and call it a ghost


Family captures ‘Ghost of Christmas Past’ on cell phone video | ABC57 | South Bend IN. Take a look at what some people are calling the Ghost of Christmas Past! A ghostly image appeared in a cell phone video taken in one family’s home. Two young boys who are twins were filming their Christmas tree…

Take a fun spooks and monsters tour through the Christmas season (updated)


A fun romp through all the supernatural stuff of the holiday season: Christmas: A supernatural season of mainstream belief …move over, Halloween, because with all its ghosts and monsters Christmas is the better supernatural season. During Christmas, along with the hidden landmass in the North, which is like Atlantis but with a toy workshop, American…