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Virgin America Part 2: Celebrating Christmas


Interesting results are out in a new poll from Pew Research about Christmas. Celebrating Christmas and the Holidays, Then and Now | Pew Research Center’s Religion & Public Life Project. Nine-in-ten Americans say they celebrate Christmas, and three-quarters say they believe in the virgin birth of Jesus. But only about half see Christmas mostly as…

Tooth fairy accused of malpractice

Scary tooth fairy from movie "Darkness Falls"

A disturbing warning about a magic stranger who may be harming your children appears in the prestigious British Journal of Medicine. The tooth fairy and malpractice We are concerned that the actions of the mythical character at the root of this report must be brought to the attention of the medical community, as it seems…

Take a fun spooks and monsters tour through the Christmas season (updated)


A fun romp through all the supernatural stuff of the holiday season: Christmas: A supernatural season of mainstream belief …move over, Halloween, because with all its ghosts and monsters Christmas is the better supernatural season. During Christmas, along with the hidden landmass in the North, which is like Atlantis but with a toy workshop, American…