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3Cs: Christian, chiropractor, cult


A charismatic chiropractor is fronting a doomsday cult, say parents of college-aged girls now involved in his massage therapy practice. Christian chiropractor’s ‘commune’ of women part of discount massage ‘cult,’ parents say. Parents and friends of college-age women in Michigan believe that a local chiropractor uses his business as a front for a doomsday cult.…

How many angels can fit in the head of an angelologist?

NOT an accurate depiction of an angel. Painting by Bernhard Plockhorst. (From Wikicommons)

Self-proclaimed angel expert priest says OH YES, there are angels, just as their are demons. They just don’t have fluffy wings. Where do we draw the line on making stuff up and expertise on supernatural beings? Angels Exist But Have No Wings, Says Church. Catholic Church “angelologist” Father Renzo Lavatori says the celestial beings are…

Mother critically cut child to release demons


Police: Mom slits son’s throat, says he has ‘demons’. The mother of a 5-year-old boy was arrested after police said she slit the boy’s throat with a knife. Magnolia Police said Daphne Spurlock, 45, stomped on her 5-year-old son’s head and chest and then slit his throat several times with a kitchen knife. “She stated…