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Baby Lisa psychic Stephanie Almaguer agrees to JREF Million Dollar Challenge


Missing Baby Lisa Irwin Update: Are Psychics To Be Trusted? – International Business Times. In an effort to defend her self-proclaimed skills, Almaguer has agreed to participate in the “Million Dollar Psychic Challenge” run by The James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF). The Challenge offers $1 million to celebrity “psychic mediums” if they can prove their…

Psychic tips not helpful to solving Baby Lisa case – psychic lashes out at critics


Missing Baby Lisa Irwin: Nothing Found at Old Casino Site, Psychic Turns Abusive on Blog – International Business Times. In response to a blog post by Dallas psychic Stephanie Almaguer, volunteers initiated a thorough search for Lisa Irwin in the vicinity of a closed casino about two miles from the missing baby’s residence. Like numerous…