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Baby Lisa psychic Stephanie Almaguer agrees to JREF Million Dollar Challenge


Missing Baby Lisa Irwin Update: Are Psychics To Be Trusted? – International Business Times. In an effort to defend her self-proclaimed skills, Almaguer has agreed to participate in the “Million Dollar Psychic Challenge” run by The James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF). The Challenge offers $1 million to celebrity “psychic mediums” if they can prove their…

Failure to find missing Baby Lisa starts a psychic storm (updated)


Missing Baby Lisa Irwin: Psychic Accused of Eyeing Reward Money The search for the 1-year-old baby Lisa Irwin, who has been missing from her Kansas City home since Oct 4, has taken a rather interesting turn after the self-proclaimed psychic, Stephanie Almaguer, from Texas claimed that she has had visions on the whereabouts of the…

Psychic on news reading tarot cards about missing Baby Lisa


PSYCHIC WEIGHS IN ON BABY LISA CASE – WDAF. FOX 4 talked to a psychic about what’s going on with the Lisa Irwin Case. Her advice was for police to expand their search area. It’s been almost one month since the 11-month-old disappeared from her Northland home. The link above contains a video of the…