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Pigeon blood wart cure – it only works on Jews?


Puh-leeze. Blood most fowl — pigeon blood as wart cure in Brooklyn, according to Yiddish-language Di Tzeitung newspaper – NYPOST.com. A recent ad in the Brooklyn-based, Yiddish-language Di Tzeitung newspaper boasts a use for the city’s most ubiquitous bird as a cure for warts. The ad recommends that the bird blood be poured onto the…

Dr. Pepper ad makes people stupid

Photo credit: Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper Facebook Ad Sparks the Most Surreal Creationist Debate You’ve Ever Seen. Dr. Pepper made an aggressively silly ad about the “Evolution of Flavor.” It shows an early-evolution man finding a can of Dr. Pepper, and BOOM, full-fledged homo sapiens. Funny! And again, willfully goofy. And then it started a culture war. As of…