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Norway documentary series questions alternative medicine

NRK, the Norwegian State broadcaster airs a documentary series, called Folkeopplysningen (translates into Public Education) questioning the alternative medicine business. Folkeopplysningen* Norwegians spend over 1.5 billion kroner [approx. $256,000,000] annually on alternative medicine and services but do they work? Physicist Andreas Wahl takes a look at the alternative industry.

CSIcon 2012 in Nashville


Join me and many great presenters at the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry’s conference, CSIcon this October 25–28, 2012 in Nashville, Tennessee The Conference Dedicated to Science and Skeptical Inquiry. Science and reason are taking quite a beating lately. Popular culture, academia, and even the halls of government seem swarmed with alternative medicine hucksters, extraterrestrial conspiracies,…

Generous gift to McGill Univ to continue fight against snake oil salesmen

Dr. Joe serves notice to quacks. Charlatans and quacks beware – Joe Schwarcz has an extra $5.5 million to help put you out of business. And, mark his words – the man behind McGill University’s renowned Office for Science and Society won’t rest until every bottle of Goji juice, every ounce of mistletoe extract and…

Sally Morgan’s Halloween Challenge

Sally Morgan challenged to prove her psychic powers on Halloween. A celebrity psychic who claims to speak with the dead in sellout shows across the country has been challenged by sceptics to prove her supernatural powers. They have invited TV “star psychic” Sally Morgan to demonstrate her ability to connect with the spirit world in…