15 Credibility Street


Welcome to 15 Credibility Street, the podcast of Doubtful News.

Your host is Sharon Hill, editor of Doubtful News. The show is produced by Sharon, Howard Lewis and Torkel Ødegard.

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1: The Phantom Clown Menace (October 17, 2016)

2: Rather Rigged (October 30, 2016)

3. FTC and Homeopathy (November 19, 2016)

4. A virtual flood of news – bad, good, real, fake and otherwise (November 22, 2016)

5. UFOs over Turkey and I ain’t too surprised (December 4, 2016)

6. A load of barnacles (December 18, 2016)

7. Big old problem: They might be giants (December 31, 2016)

8. We only see what we wish to see (January 15, 2017)

9. I’m the only one (January 29, 2017)

10. Mind the Gap (February 12, 2017)

11. It’s One Louder (February 26, 2017)