Another psychic scammer arrested in Florida: Here’s a bit of advice…

Known as Dorian and Robert to some of his victims, this self proclaimed faith healer is now arrested for fraud. Photo credit: Broward Sheriff' Office

Florida, you are on a ROLL! I love it! Hallandale Beach police: ‘Faith healer’ jailed after swindling two women out of $85,700 – Sun Sentinel. A self-proclaimed faith healer, chakra aligner and remover of impurities was jailed on accusations that he swindled two women he met at Aventura Mall out of nearly $100,000, Hallandale Beach…

CIA psychic suit thrown out


In an update to this story… Judge tosses Sacramento ‘psychic’ CIA lawsuit | A federal judge has ruled the Central Intelligence Agency acted properly in responding to a retired California state worker’s search for information regarding an interrogation he claims took place nearly 50 years ago. Mosier sued under the Freedom of Information Act…

Actor anxious over health scare and silly psychic prediction

Photo credit: Wikipedia

What’s the harm in dabbling with psychics? They can freak you out and give you unwarranted anxiety. It is unethical to tell someone they will die thanks to your unprovable nonsense “knowledge”. Frankie Muniz second mini-stroke after psychics told him he would die aged 27. Frankie Muniz has suffered a second mini-stroke – chillingly after…

Sylvia Browne is dead


Robert Lancaster, a long time skeptical thorn in Sylvia’s side, has received a message that she died this AM. Sylvia Browne passed away this morning – JREF Forum. I received an email today from a member of Browne’s family stating that she passed away this morning at 5am. I would think that it was related…

Psychic scams rampant in Victoria, NSW


Psychic scams are an international menace. Wherever there are people with money and valuables, there will be those that try to fleece them. Victorians being fleeced in scams by pretend psychics | Herald Sun. Consumer Affairs Victoria received 13 complaints about psychic-related scams in the past financial year, but says the actual number is likely…

Psychic consultants span worlds of real and woo


During difficult economic times, people become more superstitious and look for ways to better control their lives. ‘Psychic’ Consultants Are Making A Killing During The Bad Economy – Business Insider. Uncertainty in the economy has been good news for the “financial intuitive consultancy” industry. From 2007 to 2012, the psychic service industry grew at an…

$100K stolen by psychic in “curse” scam

Photo credit: PBSO

A quickie about ANOTHER psychic “curse” fraud. These things are all over. Stephanie Thompson AKA Stephanie Lee: Psychic charged with stealing over $100,000 from a client. Boca Raton police say that officers have arrested psychic Stephanie Thompson, also known as Stephanie Lee, and charged her with grand theft and organized fraud. The alleged victim, according…

Psychic dog senses DANGER, says owner


An off-base story that shouldn’t be news. It just puts silly ideas into people’s heads. My psychic pooch knows when trouble’s coming, says Worcester owner (From Worcester News). A DOG owner claims her best friend has supernatural abilities and has warned her of impending disaster. Daisy, a four-year-old cockerpoo – a cocker spaniel crossed with…

UK psychic knows she helps worried families


This local paper is featuring a psychic crime solver, or so she says. I’m skeptical since psychics have never helped more than any OTHER set of eyes could help, by vague guesses or stating the obvious. Psychic in stilettos: Cottingham medium Lucy Bilton ditches crystal ball image as she attempts to solve murder mysteries |…

UAE council wants tougher laws for sorcerers because… blasphemy


In the United Arab Emerates, there is a push for stronger laws against scams that are promulgated by “sorcerers”. Apparently just scamming is not enough. It becomes a religious issue too. FNC pushes for stronger laws against charlatans and sorcerers | The National. Lawyers and a member of the Federal National Council have said a…


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This kind of crap happens on occasion causing a giant headache for me and had already prompted me to consult a lawyer to have just for this kind of episode. I plan on writing about the claim (because we DO focus on sham claims) but it will take me a bit to get my ducks in line. But really, you NEED do see how desperate and delusional some people are. I don’t think this particular psychic liked being associated with a convicted con artists and she lashed out at everyone who was messing up her google results.

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India’s gold dig is a bust


In an update to this story about looking for gold based on magical insight, “the dream is over”. Gold hunt in UP: Dream is over, India wakes up to reason : North, News – India Today. After 11 days of digging for the 1,000 tonnes of gold at the Daundia Khera village in Unnao district…

Lucrative psychic ring busted in Moscow


I do like these stories but there needs to be MANY more busts. Police Bust Moscow Psychic Ring | News | The Moscow Times. Police in Moscow have rounded up a gang of would-be psychics that earned around 200 million rubles ($6.3 million) by offering to solve people’s personal problems through magic, police said Wednesday.…