Parapsychology at the Fringe fest

Caroline Watt is a real parapsychologist, and from all sources, a good one.

Dr Watt insists she’s yet to come across any concrete evidence for the supernatural.“The Koestler Parapsychology Unit is trying to examine whether or not people have psychic ability – and also look at the normal explanations for paranormal experiences,” she says.

“In many cases – perhaps in all cases – in the real world there are often normal psychological factors going on. For example, just straight 

Source: Ghostbusters? Investigator keen to dispell myths – Edinburgh Evening News

Chip Coffey and WraithChasers to air exorcism of some random house


Who wants to take bets this will be ultra-dramatic and incredibly stupid? Well, those are even odds. This story reeks of nothing but bald-faced money grubbing and sensationalism. Source: Exorcism: Live! Destination America to air first live televised exorcism | EW can exclusively reveal that Destination America will air the first live televised exorcism…

Shoddy evidence for “haunted” Liverpool property


A HAUNTED house has gone up for rent with the incredible disclaimer that its former occupants experienced “paranormal activity”. Haunted house: Rightmove list property where ‘paranormal activity’ happened The terraced three-bedroom home in Toxteth, Liverpool, is allegedly haunted by a 135-year-old spectre called the Pickwick Poltergeist. The poltergeist supposedly once lifted a former tenant out…

Etsy will be turned into a newt


In the fall of 2012, Ebay took a stand against the sale of paranormal products. Though some people still tried to sell ghosts and “haunted” objects. Now, Etsy, the online marketplace for handcrafted goods has offended their community of supernatural vendors by shutting down accounts that sell spells and hexes. Witches are furious at Etsy for banning…

Indian “institutes” teaching people “ghost hunting”


Ghost chasing is becoming a more popular hobby in India. People are paying to take courses from “institutes” to learn how to operate the equipment. It seems like India may be about 10 years behind the US in the popularity of fall for such stuff. An increasing number of urban Indian professionals are signing up…

Enfield poltergeist set plagued by… fickle camera – OOOHH scary


Let’s make a bit more publicity for this showing, shall we? Enfeld poltergeist filming hyped with haunts. TV stars left terrified after a ghost wreaks havoc with the set of a new poltergeist drama – Daily Record. Sounds scary! But it’s not. This article contains pretty much ZERO evidence of anything “wreaking havoc”. This is a…

Haunted history of Bobby Mackey’s Music World fails to stand up to scrutiny

"Warning" sign at Bobby Mackeys. Photo: http://

Editors Note: In cooperation with the Anomalies Research Society, we present this exclusive feature report based on the investigation of the Military Veterans Paranormal organization. By M. Cadwell and S. A. Hill Bobby Mackey’s Music World is well-known to paranormal researchers as one of America’s “Most Haunted” places (Argie and Olsen, 2014). Located at 44 Licking Pike…

Moldy ghosts?


Another hypothetical idea about “ghosts”. This one also sounds scientific on the surface, but so far, does not have the chops to explain hauntings. Ghost sightings in haunted houses linked to toxic mould. Researchers studying ghostly apparitions said that hauntings are usually reported in old buildings which often have poor air quality from pollutants. Previous…

Loftus Hall heavily playing up the paranormal – now with added spookiness

Photo credit: Thomas Beavis

The paranormal promotion continues at Loftus Hall. You may recall this story of a ghost photo that appeared last September. Photos are terrible forms of evidence of the paranormal since they are so easily misinterpreted or faked. So called investigators rarely attempts to recreate the event and are easily impressed when environmental variables are, well,…

There is seldom screaming or yelling at the haunted artifacts museum

zaffis collection

John Zaffis, the “Haunted Collector” gets approval for a new museum in New York. It’s another spoke in the wheel of the rolling cash cow of paranormal tourism. Adams Planners OK Haunted Artifacts Museum Site Plan Paranormal researcher John Zaffis’ site plan for his Paranormal Artifact Museum has received approval from the Planning Board. Paranormal…

Dowsing useless in finding missing girl


The “Find Me” crew is back in the news. And, again, not really helping. Private Investigator believes he knows who the suspects are in the Celis kidnapping The private investigator the family contacted said, “Whoever did this knows the family 100 percent guaranteed, and my suspect has a key to the house.” Retired federal agent…

A British pub ghost debunked… by the Daily Mail?


The Daily Mirror reports today on some “ghostly” goings-on in Birmingham pub “The Old Crown”. The incident amounts to little more than a bottle tipping and rolling to the floor, seemingly without interference. Here’s the video on youtube. Details of the incident are sketchy in the Mirror, but ironically, The Daily Mail carries much more information…

TV news in Virginia promotes disturbing story about “reincarnated” 4-yr old

Ghost child

On this Veterans Day, a very disturbing and irritating story from a Virginia news station about a mother who out of concern for her child’s issues, is promoting that he may be “haunted” by the ghost of a Marine who died in Beirut. I am unamused. Scared Mother: “Is there a ghost inside my child?”…

South African police force has an elite occult-trained division


The local Cape Town police force has specially trained 40 officers in occult crime investigation. Good idea or not? Seems like a bit much. SAPS has 40 ‘ghostbusters’, Nhleko reveals. In a written parliamentary reply on Tuesday, Nhleko said there were 40 detectives within the SA Police Service who had “received additional training relating to occult-related…