Holiday lull in weird news

Forgive me, readers, it’s been 5 days since I posted a new story to Doubtful News. I’m not sure if I’m missing stuff, if it’s quiet because of the recent backlash against stupid fake news stories, or if it’s just that time of year where discussion of mysterious things is not cool, but I am…

Give us a nod

Hey everyone: If you appreciate the website and podcast, we hope you also appreciate that it takes our personal funds and efforts to host such ventures without sacrificing access, reliability, and download speed, and to make the quality as good as we can manage. Free hosting simply can not work for us. We surpassed that capability years ago,…

Updated Media Guide to Skepticism

I’ve updated the Media Guide to Skepticism with a few changes to the orgs and resources section. Now is a good time to bookmark the site and download the PDF so you can have it handy to supply to journalists and reporters, throw it into comments, etc., when someone states they are “skeptical” about science conclusions…

DN was a great success!

DN is on indefinite hiatus. Thanks so much for your support! We still receive thousands of hits a day on archive stories, some of which are cited in publications and books, so we feel this project was a great success. The 7,745 existing posts are not only a record of several years of media weirdness that…

Like our stuff? You can contribute to Doubtful News!

Most people search via keywords they see in the news. It’s critical that they find a rational take on doubtful news. Do you agree? You can help curious Googlers locate reputable, reasonable information about questionable claims in the news. That is a BIG DEAL! Doubtful News is looking for knowledgable contributors for story writeups on the…

Comment policy updated

THIS IS NOT A FORUM FOR DEBATE This site attempts to counteract misinformation. It is not a forum, nor a place to debate claims. Therefore, we will not allow the comments section to be a platform for outside misinformation. We heavily moderate the comments section to only include worthwhile contributions by our discretion. Comments should ADD to the interpretation of the…

Request: Fund fun

So, I had this idea… Doubtful News could use a bit more “character”. I am currently working with an artist who is developing AL, a mascot for Doubtful News. Things are shaping up. The critter reflects the media and public reaction to strange news we get everyday. He’s a bit of a worrier and freaks out over anything…



I went through about 25 pages of spam to pick out 10 non-spam comments. I had to delete the other 60 pages, I don’t have time. Sorry if your comment did not appear and it got deleted with the spam. If you have submitted an important comment (such as you are mentioned in the story and would like to comment or have important additional information) but it did not appear, it may be in the spam filter. Please let me know: editor@doubtfulnews.com and I will try to retrieve it.

Although, if I don’t reply, your comment was deemed not appropriate for the story or in violation of our comment policy. This is a science-based site, not a debate forum or your personal soapbox.


Deluged with spam

Hi everyone: I’m sorry to say we’ve been deluged with spam comments this last week. Once on a list, always on the list so I’m afraid it isn’t going away. We use the Askimet plugin that prevents junk from getting posted. But it means at least twice a day, trolling through the spam, like 12-15…

On tips for stories

Hi everyone, Thanks for sending story tips but please note that we link to news almost exclusively from current news sources, not blogs or forums. We never use information off of Natural News, The Daily Mail or conspiracy sites. I always search for a primary source to link to, not from a news aggregator. While…

Overenthusiatic spam catcher

Note: We are still having issues with the spam catcher grabbing comments that are clearly NOT spam. I can’t turn the spam catcher off because I’d be deluged with ads for Canada Goose and fake Louis Vuiton bags so if your comment doesn’t appear it’s because I haven’t gotten to it yet. Of course, I…



So far, it’s been a busy year for DN-appropriate stories. We’re having a hard time keeping up. Thanks for your tips. Sorry I can’t respond to or post all of them. There are just so many hours I can spare a day and I am particular with sources, dates and subjects that I think people will find interesting.

I’m going to reinstitute this – crowd sourcing information. We have fantastic commentators and I value the extra info from those of you who know more about this than I do.

Our comments are MEANT to be read, not for chit-chat as much as for adding to the content.

Please, add more if you have it. I REALLY appreciate that. There are still a few glitches with some comments being marked as spam which causes delays but I certainly see them and pull out the good ones.

If you would like to contribute as a post writer, send a message to the editor@doubtfulnews.com or just send us links with stories and a bit of explanatory commentary.

We’re very happy with the state of the site, let’s make it even better. You can help!




Hey everyone:

Many of you tell me this is your favorite site to hit daily. I’m so proud of that. According to our WordPress stats, we had over 3 million page views last year and over 2000 new posts! If you would like to help us get some recognition for that, nominate us in the category of your choice for the 14th annual web blog awards – The Bloggies. You only need to put in three different URLs per ballot so only vote for the sites and categories you like or follow. Add your favorites in other categories as well. Bloggers work really hard for little reward so recognition like this is appreciated.

Nominate now until January 26 when a selection of voters will pick winners.

Thanks for your support in 2013. It was a great year!




Apologies to commentators who have not seen their posts come up. The spam trapper was holding many that were not spam all of a sudden. Not sure why. But they have been freed up and are now showing.

Sorry for that.


Contact Info and Status Update

While we work on changing hosts, updates will be fewer. Also, the email address may not work during this time. You can continue to send story ideas or contact us via lithospherica@gmail.com. Working hard as possible to bring the site up to speed again. Thanks for your support. Sharon Hill