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The Strange Remains the same for 5 May 2015

Photoshopped winged gecko

What happens in the brain when a person has an out-of-body experience? A team of scientists may now have an answer. Source: Out-of-Body Experience Is Traced in the Brain Accusations of quackery — and one stunning admission of fraud — that last month roiled the health and nutrition blogosphere could mark a turning point in…

Remains of the weekend 02-03 May 2015

Polar stratospheric cloud in Norway.

The real story of the Enfield Haunting Haunted UCLA: A Study in Parapsychology Psychic’s boyfriend sentenced in fraud Scientists create ‘ghosts’ in the lab by tricking the brain An Alternative-Medicine Believer’s Journey Back to Science Did dinosaur-killing asteroid trigger largest lava flows on Earth?. GPS Data Show How Nepal Quake Disturbed Earth’s Upper Atmosphere |…

The Strange remains the same for 30 April 2015

This artist's rendering shows the MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry, and Ranging (Messenger) around the planet Mercury. Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

Sheldrake-Shermer Dialogue on the Nature of Science, May thru July 2015 Bat-winged dinosaur discovery poses flight puzzle Warwick woman finds wild turkey in bathroom. New Series – Psychic Matchmaker Suntory Launches Collagen-Infused Beer Aimed at Japanese Women Mysterious Lights Spotted South of Downtown San Diego Three-foot rat found swimming in Tipperary river The Messenger of…

The Strange remains the same for 29 April 2015

Photo: U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City

Exorcism in Ethiopia: Incredible photography series by David Tesinky highlights dramatic rituals. This embattled VA regional office now under investigation for an alleged paranormal party Pepsi Removing Aspartame Someone Shot a Florida Panther and FWC Is Offering a $5,000 Reward for Tips Australian film agency awarded creationist film AUD$90,000 A bizarre new flying dinosaur, with…

The Strange remains the same for 27 April 2015


First Nations chemo case ruling amended to include child’s well-being. ‘Leech-nado': Scientists are working to identify the leech species swarming in this video Belle Gibson’s lies: Cancer researcher Dr Darren Saunders blames media. Pope Francis poised to weigh in on climate change with major document. Ouija Celebrates its 125th Anniversary in Baltimore: OuijaCon 2015 Wrap-Up.…

Remains of the weekend 25-26 April 2015

This photo was really taken by Giordana Schmidt, AFP / Getty Images. It does not appear to have been manipulated.

See Mutant Baby Cow Born With Five Mouths. Bigfoot followers gather in Vilonia Billions of Blue Jellyfish Wash Up on American Beaches. Tragic result of traditional Chinese medicine manipulation: an unusual case report of bilateral anterior shoulder dislocations. – PubMed Could virtual reality bring your loved ones back from the dead? Pocket Sharks are Among…

The Strange remains the same for 23 April 2015

Lovely muscari (grape hyacinth) is blooming this time of year.

New Insight on the Nation’s Earthquake Hazards: USGS (fracking-related earthquakes) Chinese scientists genetically modify human embryos : Nature News Embryonic Twin Discovered in Woman’s Brain During Surgery in LA | NBC Southern California. Plane makes emergency landing in Buffalo after three passengers pass out – The Washington Post. (A case of conversion disorder?) Panel tackles question…

The Strange remains the same for Earth Day 2015


FDA continues to warn consumers not to use Eu Yan Sang (Hong Kong) Ltd.’s “Bo Ying compound”. Study rules out link between autism and MMR vaccine even in at-risk kids – LA Times. (There is no “debate” or “controversy” about MMR and autism ANYMORE.) New mass extinction event identified by geologists – BBC News. Regulating…

The Strange remains the same for 21 April 2015

I have no response to this. Just remember, KISS had their own dolls and Colorforms, too.

Pasadena Artist Who Claims To Be Buddha Reincarnated Is Wanted In China: LAist. Strange roar heard Sunday night across wide area | GazetteXtra. Ghost hunters hear bumps in the night: it’s burglars raiding Derby store for imitation firearms | Derby Telegraph. Kanye West Denies Illuminati Ties. Secret file reveals scandal of the Natural History Museum…

The Strange remains the same for 20 April 2015

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 7.13.20 PM

Mysterious ‘supervoid’ in space is largest object ever discovered, scientists claim – Telegraph. Woman ‘Freaks Out’ When She Meets Doppelganger For 1st Time In Ireland FDA Ponders Putting Homeopathy To A Tougher Test Giant badger the ‘size of a pig’ terrorises pensioner New WikiLeaks documents reveal the inner workings of the Dr. Oz Show A…

Remains of the weekend 18-19 April 2015

Oarfish, not "sea monster". Let's be serious here. Photo: NZ Marine Studies Centre and Aquarium

‘A ski accident left me with advanced mental abilities': US woman tells her extraordinary story. Town shocked by exorcism, bartered sex for services case. UFOs Confront Soldiers During War, Says Ex-Air Force Intelligence Officer. Goopy jellyfish fill Oregon, Washington beaches. Missing cat makes mystery 128-mile journey from North Wales to Yorkshire. Escaped zebras chased through…

The Strange remains the same 16 April 2015


Mystery solved: Why do knuckles crack? – CNET. Nick Groff to lead sold-out ghost hunt at OSR. The mystery hum is back! Plymouth residents complain of ‘strange droning noise’ | Plymouth Herald. Winchester Mystery House will allow sleepovers, booze Earth’s Mysterious Hum Explained. This woman went to sleep in 2008 and woke up convinced it…

The Strange remains the same for 15 April 2015

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 6.48.19 PM

Anti vaccine cult – violent threats against California Senator. Bigfoot paper corrected because it doesn’t exist – the author’s institution, that is – Retraction Watch. How Smoke Rings Get in Your Skies – World Science Festival. Rare Omura’s whale carcass find in Western Australia excites scientists | Environment | The Guardian. Giant 40-pound wolverine caught…

The Strange remains the same for 14 April 2015

georgia photograph

Psychic to refund $7K to Iowans promised wealth, miracles | Local News – KCCI Home. A cluster of lead poisoning among consumers of Ayurvedic medicine. – PubMed – NCBI. How should journalists cover quacks like Dr. Oz or the Food Babe? – Vox. Christian Scientists granted immunity from no jab, no pay policy snopes.com: Angels…

Remains of the weekend 11-12 April 2015

Fake. No surprise there.

Childcare rebates could be denied to anti-vaccination parents under new Federal Government laws (Australia) Rogue Microwave Ovens Are the Culprits Behind Mysterious Radio Signals Man Retires, Moves, Discovers His Doppelganger Cabal keeping UFO secrets to blame for world’s woes, says former cabinet minister Paul Hellyer Cashing in by retracing steps of mythical beast Bigfoot Rare black…

The Strange remains the same for 10 April 2015

i godzilla toyko

Aussie organisation linked to anti-vaccination campaigner Sherri Tenpenny has charity status revoked. Belle Gibson’s cookbook still for sale, despite doubts about cancer survival claims. 3 charged in bogus kidnapping report Dogs trained to detect prostate cancer with more than 90% accuracy Dawkins book denied distribution in Chilliwack schools Mapleton teen rises above rare allergy to…

The Strange remains the same for 07 April 2015

Monkeyface orchid... because it's strange and amazing.

Woman at Franklin restaurant finds 51 pearls after biting into oyster The “Food Babe” Blogger Is Full of Shit. Geologists claim stats, science prove Jesus buried in Jerusalem with wife and supposed son Herbalife Contacted by Law Enforcement Agencies Coastguard believe foghorns behind mystery sounds coming from the Mersey – Liverpool Echo. Mysterious UFO sighting…

Remains of the weekend 04-05 April 2015


Rolling Stone’s investigation: ‘A failure that was avoidable’ – Columbia Journalism Review. ‘Miracle baby’ Eli is one in 197 million born with rare facial anomaly Sinbad the cat’s 3,000-mile journey from Egypt to Hereford in shipping container Woman slits husband’s throat, claims she was dreaming of filleting a fish  

The Strange remains the same for 31 March 2015

meme full of lies

Priest carries out mass exorcism at religious camp for children in Poland. OC Paramedic Helps Rescue Doctor Who Saved His Life as Baby; Pair Reunited Police warning residents about ‘mystery shopper’ scam What It’s Like to Be Allergic to Wi-Fi — Science of Us. AncientBiotics – a medieval remedy for modern day superbugs? How ‘The…

Remains of the weekend 28-29 March 2015

Photo: Multnomah County Animal Services, Randall Brown

Real-Life Vampires Exist, and Researchers Are Studying Them. Mystery Over Southern California Hilltop Piano Solved Tannerite targets rattle Kelly residents. Oregon’s pink chicken mystery solved; owner explains I was a lying telephone psychic – Salon.com. Weather Extremes : Possible New Continental Heat Record for Antarctica | Weather Underground.

The Strange remains the same for 27 March 2015

I expect he's just had cheese!

Cocaine and Faith in the Amazon (Part 1) | VICE News. Mystery odor at Muncie Walmart sends 8 to hospital. (A very obvious case of “hysteria”.) Albino badger left for dead after love rivals ‘chewed his testicles’ (but don’t worry, he’s all-white) Why Is Food That Doesn’t Contain Any Grains Labeled ‘Gluten-Free’? Pa. mom facing…