Skeptics in Vegas: The Amazing Meeting 2014 brought cheers, smiles and a call for education


The premier gathering for advocates of evidence-based skepticism and critical thinking, THE AMAZING MEETING (TAM), the annual conference run by the James Randi Education Foundation, took place from July 10-13 in Las Vegas. James (The Amazing) Randi, aged 85, one of the world’s greatest living magicians and conjurers, was very accessible throughout the several days, taking photos…

Is Bill Nye the captain of our national scientific debate team? (UPDATE: Another score for Nye)

Screen capture from the video where Bill Nye talks about evolution

Now he takes on the topic of global warming. “Meet the Press” to host climate change “debate” between GOP’s Marsha Blackburn and Bill Nye “the Science Guy” – This Sunday, “Meet the Press,” the renowned televised political news forum, will host a discussion of climate change — perhaps the single most pressing issue of…

2014 UFO congress and conference underway

ufo night

It’s time for the world’s largest UFO conference UFO conference to be held in Valley. UFOs, Aliens, Area 51 and Bigfoot will all be targets for believers and skeptic alike at the 2014 International U.F.O Congress and Conference here in the Valley. Alejandro Rojas helped put together this year’s conference. He said this year there…

The Great Debate: Science trumps Creationism


Ham on Nye: Deny deny deny… In a sometimes frustrating, sometimes boring, but consistently civil discussion about the definition and importance of science, two speakers with opposing worldviews presented their evidence to a sellout crowd and hundreds of thousands of online viewers. Who Won Bill Nye’s Big Evolution Faceoff? – NBC Bill Nye the…

Ham on Nye: Tickets sold out in minutes


Does this make anyone else feel physically ill? Bill Nye, Ken Ham Creationism Debate Tickets Sell Out in Minutes; Streaming Info Released. Tickets for the upcoming debate on the viability of creationism between “The Science Guy” Bill Nye and Creation Museum CEO and President Ken Ham sold out within minutes, but information has been released…



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Witches and Satan links to Halloween


Happy Halloween. Many people of a religious nature dislike Halloween due to it’s connection to the occult subject of witchcraft and devil worship. Does this have any merit? Halloween is the feast of Satan, warns former ‘witch high priest’. Should we be worried? – Telegraph Blogs. Fundamentalist Christians are also in their element. Given that…

Advertiser promotes event with chupacabra contest


Everyone jump on the cryptid contest bandwagon! Cricket Wireless offers bounty for legendary creature’s safe capture Friday | Cricket Wireless. Cricket Wireless is offering a $100,000 bounty for the safe capture of the yet-to-be-discovered by science “Chupacabra” during the 2013 El Chupacabra de San Antonio 5K and 10K on Friday, July 26. If the Chupacabra…

Snazzy symposium for Bigfoot blimp project


The Falcon Project was announced last year. It’s a state-of-the-art remote-control camera-equipped airship on the search for Sasquatch. Dr. Jeff Meldrum hopes that the manuverable and silent vehicle will allow researchers an unprecedented view of the rugged forest and find proof of Bigfoot. But they need money. First, they teamed with Olympic beer. Now they are offering a symposium…

Alex Jones gets the boot from Bilderberg gathering


So the Bilderberg meeting is quite “open” this year. Even Alex Jones can’t get it right. Of course, expect it to be milked for all its worth. Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Kicked Out of Bilderberg Conference Hotel (Video). For the first time in its 59 years, the Bilderberg conference is allowing limited access to journalists,…

Manhattanhenge! An annual tradition.

Photo credit: Edgar Gonzalez

So very pretty. But just a coincidence of architecture. There was no particular design to this. Quotes by the awesome NdGT. I like that this is becoming a thing. Manhattanhenge! A skyscraper sunset stops traffic in New York City – Cosmic Log. New Yorkers were wowed on Wednesday by a sunset that was perfectly framed…

Bigfoot Exposed, I mean, Expo


As with UFO conferences and paranormal conferences in general, interest is high in weird things. Bigfoot Expo In Chautauqua This Weekend | Several hundred people are expected to attend the second annual Chautauqua Lake Bigfoot Expo this weekend, which will feature some of the nation ‘s preeminent sasquatch researchers and authors. The news reporter…

Cannibal scholarship at European conference


A controversial topic is the subject of a conference in Europe. Europe’s Hypocritical History of Cannibalism | History & Archaeology | Smithsonian Magazine. The idea of a cannibalism conference might sound like the basis for a macabre joke about coffee-break finger food. However, there’s serious cannibal scholarship taking place in many disciplines, says conference organizer…

Paranormal investigators doing a public “reveal” of evidence


Ghost hunters say they have evidence. Confirmed: paranormal. Oh, really….? Paranormal Investigators Dig “Beneath The Surface” At the Chattanooga Public Library On Friday – 03/02/2013 – A ghost hunting group will be presenting their evidence at the library in Tennessee. These type of stories come around a lot. The group ALWAYS says they have…

The mystery of the Hindenburg solved


Hindenburg mystery solved after 76 years. With nearly 100 on board, the 245m airship was preparing to land at Lakehurst, New Jersey, on 6 May 1937, when the age of airship travel ended. In front of horrified onlookers, the Hindenburg exploded and plunged to the ground in flames. Thirty-five of those on board died. Now,…