Doctors should inform parents of the big troubles of not getting kids vaccinated


A shift from focusing about the risks of vaccinations (few and low) to the ramifications of NOT getting vaccinations (illness and possibly death), resulted in a meaningful effect on opinions. Horne, and his psychology professor Dr. John Hummel, collaborated on the study with findings that were published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National…


Parental dispute over vaccinations and upbringing resulted in kidnapping

Megan Elizabeth Everett, 23, did not want her daughter, Lilly, vaccinated and was with a man that supported the Confederacy and loved guns. Lilly’s Dad strongly disagreed.

A Sunrise woman who disappeared with her 2-year-old daughter in May 2014, reportedly to avoid having the girl vaccinated, was caught Monday and arrested on a federal parental kidnapping charge, authorities said Monday afternoon.

Source: Broward mom, accused of kidnapping girl to avoid vaccination and preschool, caught and jailed – Sun Sentinel


Explanatory labeling for homeopathic products in Canada

Good news out of Canada. But will labeling help?

Homeopathic products promoted to parents will need to be clear they are not vaccines or alternatives to vaccines, Health Canada says.

The department announced Friday it is introducing label changes for certain homeopathic products.

Health Canada said it will also no longer allow companies to make specific health claims on homeopathic products for cough, cold, and flu for children 12 and under, unless those claims are supported by scientific evidence.

Source: Nosode homeopathic labels must read ‘not vaccines or alternatives to vaccines:’ Health Canada

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Anti-vax doctor dead of apparent suicide; conspiracists fired up (UPDATE on Bradstreet raid)

jeff bradstreet

There is an update on why the federal government searched Bradstreet’s offices. See below. Originally published on June 24, 2015 Dr. James Jeffrey Bradstreet, who goes by Jeff Bradstreet, an autism researcher who ran a clinic that endorsed pseudoscientific cures on autism patients and others, has died by apparent suicide on June 19. For several days over the…

First American measles death in over a decade


Anti-vax sites say that death of measles is so rare, it’s barely worth talking about. Until a totally preventable death rolls around. And why ignore all the hospitalizations and complications from measles – also preventable with vaccinations. If less people get vaccinated, measles will spread and MORE deaths than one or two will occur. This…

Jim Carrey bent on ruining his career with dumb Twitter rant about vaccines


Once again, an ACTOR is telling the public about a serious HEALTH concern that exists only in the anti-vax community. A celebrity critic of vaccines and former partner of another star with an autistic child has taken to social media to denounce a new California law requiring most children be vaccinated. Source: Jim Carrey denounces new Calif.…

Child died from complication from ear infection; parents face criminal charges

Teddy bear on grave in cemetery

Profound ignorance kills children. An 18 month old child is dead because the parents did not get her medical attention, instead treating her with homeopathy and herbal meds. Ebed S. Delozier, 29, and Christine E. Delozier, 34, both of Wyalusing, Pennsylvania, are charged with involuntary manslaughter and endangering the welfare of children this week after an investigation showed…

Investigation after babies sickened after immunization shot; two dead (UPDATE)


UPDATE 14-May 2015 We have an update to this story. It appears that the illnesses are consistent with bacterial infection of an as yet unknown origin. El director general del instituto, José Antonio González Anaya, aseguró que las vacunas contra hepatitis B que se aplicaron a 52 niños en la comunidad La Pimienta, no ocasionaron…

Wakefield advocating against pro-vaccination bill in California


Medical community pariah antivaccination advocate Andrew Wakefield speaks at Life Chiropractic College West in California and continues his spreading of dangerous fear-mongering misinformation and ignorance. Anti-vaccine leader tells parents to fight immunization bill. Andrew Wakefield, the British scientist and former physician whose discredited research linking autism and immunizations helped launch a worldwide anti-vaccination movement, encouraged…

German court soundly smacks measles denier


This biologist held some very bizarre idea about measles, ignoring the fact that we know exactly what virus DOES cause measles and can readily identify it and create vaccines that guard against it. He didn’t agree measles exists and insists it CAN’T exist. What does loudmouthed ignorance cost you? Lots. Pay up. Measles doubter must…

Toronto Star in backpedaling mode after major screw up about Gardasil shot (UPDATE: Retraction)


UPDATE (24-Feb-2015) This story has been retracted by the Toronto Star. Good. A rare event: Toronto Star retracts fear-mongering vaccine story Fifteen days after publishing a widely-criticized article linking anecdotal health problems to the HPV vaccine Gardasil, the Toronto Star has issued a retraction. As Retraction Watch notes, a newspaper retraction is rare. But something…

Anonymous commenters undermining science have negative impact. We knew this.

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This is further justification why we do not allow anti-science commenters on this site. It’s not a debate but the reader often does not know that. Healthcare websites are attempting to educate about health risks but a new study shows, surprisingly, that readers may be influenced more by online comments than by credible public service announcements.…

Tenpenny’s anti-vax Australia trip scuttled


In an update to this story earlier this month about an anti-vaccination informational tour, Anti-vaccination ​campaigner Sherri Tenpenny cancels Australian tour The Guardian. Eight venues had cancelled because of opposition, mainly by parents, to a message that did not support children’s health. However, the Tenpenny party said something much different and highly questionable. The controversial US anti-vaccination…

Vaccines required but some remain ignorantly defiant


A series of articles showed up online today highlighting mandated vaccinations. Some people, however, continue to hold misinformed views and are willing to sacrifice for it. Foster mom says she’s willing to lose infant over flu shot mandate In Washington state, foster families are under a new mandate that everyone in their house needs a…

Tenpenny’s anti-vaccination tour hits a snag in Australia (Update)


This isn’t censorship, it is a public health stance. There is no excuse for allowing peddling of ridiculous anti-science nonsense that endangers the lives of children. Pro-vaccine advocates wish to disallow Tenpenny to have a soapbox to spout anti-vax propaganda. Sherri Tenpenny: Sydney venue cancels seminar of US anti-vaccination campaigner. Pressure is mounting against a planned…

Homeopathy Plus unequivocally NOT a safer alternative to vaccination says court

Homeopathic medication

Breaking News delivered from Guy Chapman today. Homeopathy Plus has received a major smackdown from the Australian courts. A complaint regarding their advertisement of homeopathy as a “safer” alternative to vaccination, specifically for pertussis has been deemed misleading and deceptive. Homeopathy Plus is the trading identity of Australian homeopath Fran Sheffield (who originated the petition to…

Anti-vaccination sentiment continues to kill workers in Pakistan


Religious extremist and deep distrust coupled by anti-science sentiment results in health care workers killed trying to save lives in Pakistan. Attackers kill 4 polio workers in Pakistan – Four members of a polio vaccination team were killed in an attack by militants in western Pakistan’s Balochistan province on Wednesday, police said. Attackers on…

Confirmed: Death of girl IS NOT vaccine-related


The medical examiner says that the HPV vaccine she was administered was safe and not the cause of her death that same day. Instead, it appears she suffered an overdose of antihistamines. Medical examiner: Girl’s death not caused by HPV vaccination A much-touted vaccine given to teens and preteens to prevent cancers caused by a…

Death from whooping cough: Child becomes statistic in Australia


No details have been provided but another baby has died from whooping cough in Australia. Anti-vaccine sentiment from misinformation organizations such as the former Australian Vaccination Network, and the now-retracted paper from Andrew Wakefield, has contributed to lower immunization rates and, subsequently, more deaths around the world. Dead baby was not protected from whooping cough…

Vaccine sabotage suspected in childrens’ deaths in Syria (UPDATE: Not Sabotage)


A devastating setback to the fight against the measles epidemic in Syria. At least 34 Syrian children die from contaminated measles vaccine |  The Guardian. At least 34 children have died in rebel-held Syria after being injected with contaminated measles vaccines, the rebel government said on Tuesday, warning that the deaths might be caused by…