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Mother suspected of poisoning son with lethal doses of salt (UPDATE: Conviction)


In an update to this story from June 2014, Lacey Spears is convicted of deliberately poisoning her son, killing him. “The motive is bizarre, the motive is scary, but it exists,” Assistant District Attorney Patricia Murphy said in closing arguments Thursday. “She apparently craved the attention of her family, her friends, her co-workers and most…

Triple sunrise

three suns

Ice crystals cause ‘triple sunrise’ in Russian city – in pictures. Chelyabinsk, the city made famous by a meteorite that exploded over its skies two years ago, was witness to another rare phenomenon on Tuesday: a triple sunrise over the morning sky. The combination of low temperatures, estimated to be –25C, and clear skies enabled…

Tattoo me skeptical!

This woman would save a fortune using Falkenham's revolutionary tattoo removal cream.

Tattoo removal as simple as rubbing lotion on it? This new $6 cream promises to painlessly fade your tattoos away. A Canadian uni student has invented a new tattoo removal cream that makes the ink fade away forever by replacing the ink-filled cells with new, clean cells. So Alec Falkenham, a PhD student in the…

Bad spirits raised after health care home calls in an exorcist


Seriously, NOT a good move. Norway care home hired psychic for exorcism. A municipal care home in Norway has been slammed for “poor judgement” after managers hired a clairvoyant to drive out evil spirits because staff were spooked by random flickering lights. Lasse Svenstrup Andersen, an official from the local Agder County governor’s office, ruled…

The Strange remains the same for 03 February 2015

Freddie's ghost?

Ouija board dog killer’s wife and step daughter arrested after fire destroys their home. (That’s some headline. The story is even weirder and awful.) Darwin Day resolution in Congress | NCSE. Anonymous Seahawks Player Ponders Anti-Marshawn Lynch Conspiracy | Bleacher Report. Bright pink smoke sparks hilarious theories from bemused passers-by | UK | News |…

The Strange remains the same 23 January 2015


Mystery deepens: Prime bird death suspect ruled out – SFGate. Beard of Egypt’s King Tut hastily glued back on with epoxy. Strange Comet Discoveries Revealed by Rosetta Spacecraft. Mysterious ‘Loud Boom’ Wakes Residents – Asheville Source of loud booms unknown. Even Elusive Animals Leave DNA, and Clues, Behind – (But not Bigfoot?) Confederate gold…

The Strange Remains the same for 14 January 2015

Release the hounds... wolves.

Newcastle man discovers a SNAKE in his supermarket shopping bag Iceland brewery makes beer using smoked whale testicles. Officials in one Southern Indiana town consider removing fluoride. Gilbert woman provides therapy through cuddling Five earthquakes rattle eastern Connecticut Monday. Tynemouth UFO: More sightings made of floating object in sky over North Tyneside The Skeptic’s Boot:…

Action taken against Tanzanian witchdoctors to combat killing of albinos


People with this genetic characteristic are treated barbarically and are constantly in danger of losing body parts and their lives for ridiculous superstition. Tanzania bans witchdoctors in attempt to end albino killing. Tanzania has banned witchdoctors in an attempt to combat a rise in the killing of people with albinism for their body parts, officials said…

The Strange remains the same for 06 January 2015

Are you talking? I don't understand.

‘Nazi cows': British farmer Derek Gow forced to cull herd of aggressive aurochs-like Heck cattle. Herbal medicines from quacks hit unborn babies’ brains – The Times of India. Michio Kushi, Advocate of Natural Foods in the U.S., Dies at 88 – ‘Alien abduction’ artist admits he fooled everyone – Telegraph. Did you hear that?…

Remains of the weekend 29-30 November 2014

giant penguin

Man injured by Amsterdam pop-up toilet. BBC News – New Zealand: Giant penguin bones lay in shed for years. Vaccine alternatives offered by homeopaths ‘irresponsible’ – Health – CBC News. We Got a Paleontologist to Call Bullshit On the ‘Jurassic World’ Trailer | VICE | United Kingdom. Pizza Hut’s crazy new menu lets you order…

The Strange Remains The Same for 27 November 2014

Rather disturbing.

Thanksgiving leftovers… Over 16,000 pages of Darwin’s research on evolution released online. Undermining the Hippocratic Oath: the Medical Innovation Bill : The Lancet Oncology. 21st century exorcisms: Examining the psychology of possession – JREF. The Bulletproof Diet: simplistic, invalid and unscientific – Telegraph. Science (and Quacks) vs. the Aging Process –

New ideas arise from the grave – about vampire beliefs in Poland

'Vampire grave': A skeleton with the head between the legs, discovered in Gliwice, Poland.

This is an update to this story from July of last year. New Clues Point To The Origin Of Poland’s Mysterious ‘Vampires’. Unconventional burial practices to prevent vampires from rising up from the grave were common in post-medieval Poland, but historians aren’t entirely sure why certain people were targeted more than others. A new study…

The Strange Remains The Same for 21 November 2014

I believe this is photoshopped.

Ancient Egyptian Handbook of Spells Deciphered. Fake news stories fuel Ferguson anger. Dueling miraculous healing claims clash in Australia – JREF. Alberta Bigfoot researcher plans to petition U.S. Congress for species protection | Metro. Rampaging Woodchuck Terrorizes N.H. Neighborhood – New Hampshire news – Faith groups divided over God’s role in climate change, natural…