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DN is a privately-owned, science- and evidence-based site. We are curious about what ACTUALLY may have happened and include additional information or commentary to help the reader see beyond the headlines and anecdotes.

Categories of news include: alt med/anti-vax, cryptozoology, hauntings, paranormal, UFOs, psychics, superstition, and money-making schemes, and generally questionable claims.

We are barraged with questionable claims everyday. Critical thinking is essential to wade through today’s news and consumer marketing. DN is a resource to hear about critical pieces of the story that the media has left out. Be in the loop and well-informed. Visit DN everyday. Please share our links on social media!

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This site is for smart discussion of questionable claims in the media. It is not a public forum or a place for ideological debate. In order to maintain the theme and values of this site, all comments are moderated. We follow these tenets to keep engagement informative, useful, entertaining and of high quality.

  1. As we support our views with evidence and educated opinions, we require comments to thoughtful, smart, well-written and related to the story. Humor is also appreciated.
  2. Aggressive, incoherent, vulgar, libelous or unhelpful comments will be disallowed.
  3. Very long comments may be disallowed unless highly pertinent. Please place long discussions at another location (your own site) and link to them instead. Excessive commenting is not appreciated.
  4. Polite disagreement is welcomed. References to support the disputable points are necessary. Constructive criticism should be delivered in a civil tone.
  5. We often QUOTE other sites. Before commenting on a mistake, please be sure you are addressing the original source.
  6. The editor may censor portions of comments to remove inflammatory language if the rest of the comment is worthwhile. In all cases, this will be clearly annotated.
  7. Religious, medical, or paranormal anecdotes or “this happened to me” are discouraged unless well-supported. Promotion, propaganda, piffle, and proselytizing will be disallowed.
  8. If you are a person mentioned in the news story, and the story misrepresents your views or requires correction, we will post your comments provided the above rules are met.
  9. Deliberate troublemakers will be banned from commenting.

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We apologize that entries may have typos, poor grammar or mistakes due to the low number of staff and our desire to get the story out as soon as possible. Find a problem? Send your comments to editor@doubtfulnews.com and we will fix it.

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