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Evidence-based critique of news of the paranormal, pseudoscience,
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Doubtful News is an alternate to getting your offbeat news from credulous or mystery mongering media sites. We are curious about what ACTUALLY may have happened. We cover all sorts of strange news, not necessarily all of it is doubtful or harmful. Often, it’s just fun or interesting – and worth thinking about.

Categories of news include: alt med/anti-vax, cryptozoology, hauntings, paranormal, UFOs, psychics, questionable claims, superstition, and money-making schemes, among others.

Story comments and additional information is welcome. Different points of view are welcome. However, the comments are moderated. Comment must refrain from potentially libelous accusations (fraud, scam, charlatan, fake) and name calling. See our COMMENT POLICY which is taken VERY seriously.

References encouraged, anecdotes discouraged, proselytizing and promotion of piffle PROHIBITED. 


1. Be the one-stop source of fascinating news for more critical thinkers.

2. Show you something you may not find on your own and address it faster than the mainstream media with additional useful information to judge the claims.

3. Provide the alternate view from a credulous media and update stories when info becomes available.

4. Allow pro-paranormal beliefs to be open for discussion. Bring your best evidence, though.

We are barraged with claims that are seriously questionable. Critical thinking is essential to wade through today’s news and marketing. DN is a resource to hear about critical pieces of the story that the media has left out. Be in the loop and well-informed. Visit DN everyday.

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Questions, comments and requests for interviews can be directed to lithospherica@gmail.com

Editor: Sharon Hill  (@idoubtit)
Co-editor: Torkel Ødegård (@desertyard)


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Material used from this site MUST be credited to the site. No material is authorized to be used in its entirety without permission. Material can be translated to another language and reposted only with permission.

MP3 material is open for anyone to use in their own media projects provided that you inform us you will be using it and you give proper credit.

Note from Editor on Errors

Blog entries may have typos, poor grammar or mistakes. We do this in our spare time and often try to post items as quickly as possibly so you can use the news faster. Find a problem? Send your comments to editor@doubtfulnews.com and we will fix it. Were we wrong about something on the site? Let us know.


This blog began in August 2011 and has grown exponentially ever since. Run by skeptical advocate and science and the public specialist, Sharon Hill, the project was philosophically supported by all three major U.S. skeptical organizations – CFI-CSI, JREF, and Skeptics Society. We receive financial support from contributions to Lithospherica, LLC and ad revenue. Even though we value our affiliation with other organizations, we remain independent.

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