Intravenous vitamin lounges of Ottawa


News Smidgen: Ottawa naturopath Sarah Vadeboncoeur says demand for the intravenous nutrient therapy she has offered at her clinic for five years is growing so rapidly that she is shifting her business to make it a bigger part of her practice. Despite their wild popularity in recent years, there is no evidence to support IV infusions, say experts.…

Just a fish, not a “monster”


News Morsel: Adele Battersby found the four foot-long beast lying dead on the shore of the Littleborough lake and it’s enough to give you nightmares. Not if you aren’t afraid of FISH. It’s probably a pike. Source: What is this ‘Roch Ness Monster’ washed up at Hollingworth Lake? – Manchester Evening News People might need…

Cat on a Roman tile roof


News Driblet: Isn’t that just like a cat, walking through the clay while it was drying. Archaeologists found this 2,000 years remnant that the builders used despite the prints. The print has only just been noticed on a Roman roof tile unearthed in the city in 1969. Source: 2,000-year-old cat’s paw print uncovered in Gloucester –…

Frog not listed in ingredients of spinach package


News snippet: I doubt he really wanted to be there, though. Inspect your produce throughly. “On the day this product was processed, this particular line had one laser that was not properly functioning,” Valdes wrote. “It is possible that while the product passed the laser the frog was covered behind a piece of spinach not…

Doctors should inform parents of the big troubles of not getting kids vaccinated


A shift from focusing about the risks of vaccinations (few and low) to the ramifications of NOT getting vaccinations (illness and possibly death), resulted in a meaningful effect on opinions. Horne, and his psychology professor Dr. John Hummel, collaborated on the study with findings that were published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National…

Parapsychology at the Fringe fest


News morsel: Caroline Watt is a real parapsychologist, and from all sources, a good one. Dr Watt insists she’s yet to come across any concrete evidence for the supernatural.“The Koestler Parapsychology Unit is trying to examine whether or not people have psychic ability – and also look at the normal explanations for paranormal experiences,” she says.…

Anti-witchcraft educational camps launched in rural parts of India


News smidgen: Police in India encourage people not to practice witchcraft in order to avoid being arrested, ostracized or killed. Ignorance, illiteracy, ill health and a strong belief in the witchcraft are some of the reasons for the wide practice of “sorcery” and belief in superstition in rural areas of India. Alarmed over the increase in sorcery-related incidents,…

Explanatory labeling for homeopathic products in Canada


News snippet: Good news out of Canada. But will labeling help? Homeopathic products promoted to parents will need to be clear they are not vaccines or alternatives to vaccines, Health Canada says. The department announced Friday it is introducing label changes for certain homeopathic products. Health Canada said it will also no longer allow companies to make specific…

Practitioner of bee sting therapy accused of negligence


A California acupuncturist is cited by officials for using a potentially risky treatment that could produce life-threatening allergic reactions. Alhambra acupuncturist’s ‘bee sting therapy’ investigated An Alhambra acupuncturist’s license is on the line after state medical regulators alleged he was “grossly negligent” when using bees to sting patients as part of a medical cure, an…

Complaints against Burzynski Clinic now at 5 individuals


The OTHER Burzynski Patient Group blog has discovered a new complaint against the cancer treatment clinic run by Stan Burzynski. 5th Member of Burzynski Staff Faces TMB Complaint On June 29th, 2015, the Texas Medical Board filed a complaint against the Burzynski Clinic’s physician assistant Anita Shrout. This brings the number of confirmed open Medical…

Acupuncture clinic violations show the risk clearly isn’t worth it


If you must find a way to shutter up acupuncture clinics, this is a good start. Show they are unsafe. Ottawa Public Health has ordered a Wellington Street West acupuncture clinic to shut down immediately after failing two inspections within a week. Source: New Acupuncture Clinic closed by Ottawa Public Health – Ottawa – CBC…

Scape Ore Lizard Man makes appearance


OK, you can tell it’s getting on into late summer and the news is JUST silly as hell. The fabled Bishopville swamp creature known as Lizard Man appears to have surfaced again Sunday afternoon. Source: Has Bishopville’s ‘lizard man’ returned? Photo apparently shows The photo shows someone in a costume in low light at typical…


Yet another new theory about Jack The Ripper – Victim to be exhumed

Another theory about the identity of Jack the Ripper, another new book. Will this new theory hold up or will it be ripped to shreds like previous theories?

The body of infamous Victorian murderer Jack the Ripper’s final victim is likely to be exhumed following the release of a new theory on the identity of the killer.  After seeing the new theory, the Ministry of Justice has indicated it will grant an exhumation licence for the grave of East End prostitute Mary Jane Kelly, the first such license to be issued for the grave of one of the Ripper’s victims. The theory has been detailed in a new book, The Real Mary Kelly, written by Dr Wynne Weston-Davies.

Read more: Jack the Ripper’s final victim set to be exhumed following new theory on the killer’s identity.


Unwarranted conspiracy continues over Cobain

Let it go people. It’s no mystery what happened here.

Kurt Cobain’s death was officially ruled a suicide over twenty years ago, but hey, crazy conspiracy theorists will be crazy conspiracy theorists. Last year, Seattle police reviewed the case and examined four previously undeveloped rolls of 35mm film of the crime scene and came to the same conclusion of suicide, and they released some previously unseen photos (including some utterly horrifying ones) to the public in an attempt to put the matter to rest for good.

Read more: Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Seeking Graphic Kurt Cobain Death-Scene Photos

Police and officials convinced there is a loose lion in Milwaukee (UPDATE: No update)


The first call suggesting a lion was roaming around a Milwaukee neighborhood came on July 20th. Thirteen days later, we have pretty much NO solid evidence that such a creature is real. We have eyewitness, a really poor video and a  possible footprint. Bigfoot has better evidence. Originally published 26-July 2015 Another urban lion report. This…


‘Old Slave House’ legend demolished by archaeology

Archeologists do a scientific and through investigation into a house legendarily know for slave smuggling. They find the house was not likely to have been used the way local legend tells. Even the notorious third floor that was supposedly to keep kidnapped slaves, now claimed to be haunted, was found to be decorated just like the rest of house, disputing the sensational claims.

Read more: Report challenges ‘Old Slave House’ legend

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The Strange Remains the same for 31 July 2015

R.I.P. Hot Rod

But pre-set expectations and testing questions make us wonder about our results. Source: The audiophile’s dilemma: strangers can’t identify $340 cables, either [Updated] | Ars Technica   The recent discovery of an Earth twin has boosted chances there is intelligent life on other planets. But while Pope Francis’s telescope scans the starlit skies, the Vatican…

Key information on source of mystery booms around the world: sound travel is weird


Scientists admit that loud explosions can be heard at astounding distances under certain conditions. This sounds like the key to many mystery booms around the world that appear to have no local source. The source of the “mystery booms” heard throughout California’s eastern edge with Nevada have been sourced to a military location. But it was…

Today in Exorcism for July 31, 21st century


I am unclear why today has delivered me three stories on exorcism. It’s a hot topic, damn it. Maybe because The Vatican Tapes is showing. But the rite of exorcism is no more relevant or non-fictional than it was centuries ago. As an enlightened society, we probably should get over the whole demon possession scapegoat thing… it’s modern…

The Strange Remains the same for 29 July 2015

it must be true

An apparent Islamic Stt document found in the dry reaches of Pakistan’s tribal lands reveals that ISIL is recruiting a new terrorist army in Afghanistan and Pakistan and plans to trigger a war in India to provoke an Armageddon-like “end of the world. Source: Islamic State recruitment document seeks to provoke ‘end of the world’…

UFO cult, alien possession, Russian spies, with Jesus, at Loch Ness, via telepathy

ufo jesus

This story is jam-packed with woo and ridiculousness. I had to read it slowly to pick it all up! SPECIAL branch operatives tailed a UFO cult leader who said he was in telepathic contact with aliens, it emerged today. Source: REVEALED: Special Branch tailed UFO cult leader for FIVE YEARS over fears he was communist.…

Elongated skull find in Russia hijacked for pseudoarchaeology ideas

elongate skull

UFO watchers are in a tizz over the discovery of an ancient skeleton with an elongated skull that resembles an ALIEN. The humanoid skeleton was unearthed from a site known as Russia’s Stonehenge and it is being heralded as proof that aliens visited Earth thousands of years ago. Researcher Maria Makurova told Russian news agency…

Propellantless thruster claimant presents paper at a conference. Hype ensues.

Newton Not Impressed

News headlines are buzzing with headlines such as “Scientists Confirm ‘Impossible’ EM Drive Propulsion” (Hacked) and “‘Impossible’ propellantless engine appears to work” (Sydney Morning Herald). Doubtful News readers may have followed this story from August 2014, as well as renewed claims of results earlier this May. At a July Propulsion and Energy Forum held by…

The Strange Remains the Same for 28 July 2015

sad sunflower

The discovery of remains at historic Jamestown may provide new details about the nation’s earliest settlers. Source: Jamestown excavation unearths four bodies — and a mystery in a small box   Highway traffic was halted west of Bisbee earlier this month when one of the Southwest’s most iconic animals made a leisurely path across the roadway. Source:…

The Strange Remains the Same for 27 July 2015


Added sugar is bad for your health, studies indicate, while sugar substitutes do not deserve the bad reputation they have acquired. Source: The Evidence Supports Artificial Sweeteners Over Sugar   Indian witch doctors are arriving in New Zealand on tourist or temporary work visas and duping vulnerable Kiwis into forking out thousands of dollars Source:…

A “psychic” named “Marks”? Run the other way


A Charlottesville woman who claimed she had a “gift from God” and could see the past and future has been indicted on multiple federal charges she defrauded multiple clients, one of whom sent her more than $1.4 million. Source: Charlottesville palm-reader indicted; claimed ability to see future, talk to spirits A federal grand jury indicted…